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A New Royal Baby: 6 Ways To Guess If It Will Be A Boy Or Girl

kate middleton pregnant with baby number 3

Admit it, you’re a little bit in love with Wills and Kate. In fact, it seems the whole world is potty for the Royal couple. So, when a Twitter announcement was made from Kensington Palace’s official account yesterday, confirming the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with baby number 3, we all went a little crazy!

This little bubs isn’t even born yet and it is already 5th in line for the throne. After grandpa Prince Charles, dad Prince William and big brother and sister, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte. No pressure then!

Yep, in a few short months, the adorable Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be joined by a brand-new sibling. Of course, now, the whole world are predictably squabbling over whether we will get a new little Prince or Princess. Us included! Kate and Wills create gorgeous children, so we can be assured that the newest tiny Royal will be a cutie, but what is it going to be? Also, when is it likely to arrive?

Most parents choose to announce their pregnancy at the end of the first trimester, after the 12-week scan. This is considered a safe time to announce a pregnancy, as the likelihood of anything going wrong is dramatically reduced after this time.

william, kate, george and charlotte
A picture perfect family who will be joined by another little Prince or Princess. Image from people.com

How far along is Kate Middleton?

First thing’s first, let’s try and figure out just when the new Royal baby will be arriving. In the official statement from Kensington Palace, it was announced that the poor Duchess of Cambridge is once again suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. This is a form of extreme morning sickness, that Kate also had when pregnant with George and Charlotte. Because of the horrible side effects of this condition, the Royal couple were forced to announce they were expecting earlier than the usual 12-week mark.

When will the Royal baby arrive?

As this seems to be the case again with this pregnancy, it can be assumed that Kate might not yet be 12 weeks. To help us with our detective work, let’s look back at Kate’s previous pregnancy announcements. When she was preggers with Prince George, the announcement came on 3rd December 2012, he arrived on 22nd July 2013. With Princess Charlotte, the announcement was made on 8th September 2014 and Kate gave birth on 2nd May 2015. If we use these previous timings as a guide, the newest Royal bundle could be making his or her grand arrival sometime in late April or early May. A little Taurus!

Will the Royal Baby be a boy or a girl?

The next big question of course on everyone’s lips is whether we will get a new little Prince or Princess. There are so many old wives’ tales and gender prediction tests that women have sworn by for centuries. Little tests and signs that will tell them if they are having a girl or a boy. We thought it would be fun to look at a couple of our favourites, to help us determine what Kate and Wills will be having. Just a little disclaimer; this is just for fun and we have no idea what the Royal baby will be…other than super cute of course!

The Chinese Gender Predictor Chart 2017

The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart changes for each corresponding year. It is based on the traditional Chinese baby gender chart. The idea is you enter the mother’s lunar age and the lunar month of conception and, voila, your baby’s gender is predicted.

We’ve created this little Chinese Gender Predictor Chart 2017 to help explain things better! So, if the odds are that Kate is less than 12 weeks pregnant, according to the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart 2017, she could be expecting another little princess!

Are you destined to have a baby boy or girl?

5 old wives’ tales for predicting gender

As well as the Chinese gender predictor, there are several other old wives’ tales for predicting gender. OK, they might be a load of old rubbish, but let’s have a look anyway!

  1. Pregnancy glow – The theory is, if the mother has a glowing complexion and gorgeous, radiant hair, then it’s a boy. If the glow is a no-show, you could be having a girl, as baby girls steal mum’s good looks. Well, Kate is stunning no matter what, so this doesn’t really help us
  2. Carrying high or low – An age-old pregnancy lore. If you are carrying high, it said that you are having a girl. If you are swinging low, get ready for a little bundle of blue. The Duchess isn’t showing yet, so this is one we will be keeping an eye on over the coming months
  3. Morning sickness – It is said that excessive sickness and nausea caused by pregnancy is a big clue that you are having a little baby girl. Poor Kate has suffered through all 3 pregnancies with awful morning sickness. So, unfortunately, this doesn’t help us predict if there will be a new prince or princess. We sincerely hope she feels better soon
  4. Sweet or salty – Keep eyes peeled for what the Duchess will be munching on over the coming months. According to pregnancy lore, if you crave sweet things, it means you are having a girl. If salty or protein rich foods are what you are hankering after, then a little boy could be on the cards
  5. Pregnancy weight gain – One of the joys of pregnancy is being able to give into your cravings a little more! But did you know that where you gain weight can be an indication of what sex you will be having? Supposedly, if you only gain weight in and around your belly, then it’s a boy. If your weight is distributed all over your body then you could be expecting a little girl. Kate still looks as gorgeous and trim as ever, so only time will help us with this one!

Whether we will be graced with a new little Prince or Princess, one thing is for sure, we cannot wait to see them. If you are looking to create a gift for a new bundle of joy that is fit for royalty, then our selection of custom embroidered baby gifts will set your heart aflutter! Click the banner below to start browsing now.

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