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52 Beginner Sewing Projects: One Each Week For a Year

52 sewing projects

If you’ve been bitten by the crafting bug then just know, you’re not alone! We’ve all been there! Whether you’re jumping on the new-year-new-me wagon, or you’ve learned to craft and don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered together some of the internets top tutorials for beginners to get you on the sewing bandwagon.

From purses to pouffes and cushions to clutches we have a project for everyone. Perfect for if you are a beginner and are just starting out, or even if you’re a little more intermediate but want something that will give you instant gratification, these projects will get you well on your way. So, make yourself a cuppa, grab your craft supplies and let’s get creative.

1. Fabric Gift Bags

In a world full of waste, ditch the disposables and make your very own fabric gift bags.

gift bag project
Tutorial by Handmadiya

2. Present Pouch

Got a couple of smaller gifts that you want to pop into your gift bag? Rather than wrap them individually why not make your own present pouches?

present pouches
Tutorial by Loganberry Handmade

3. Drawstring Bag

These drawstring bags are so versatile. From little toiletry bags to something much bigger, they can be used as gift bags, or even to pop a change of undies and a toothbrush in as a little overnight bag.

Tutorial by Melly Sews

4. Jewellery Box

Giving someone some jewellery as a gift and aren’t sure how to wrap it? Don’t worry, we have a tutorial for that too!

jewellery box
Tutorial by Craft Passion

5. Coin Purse

If your pockets are always full of loose change, or you spend your time digging around at the bottom of your handbag for coins, consider making your very own coin purse.

coin purse tutorial
Tutorial by Sew Spoiled

6. Clasp Purse

This clasp purse is great for coins, or for jewellery, or to be honest for anything else that you might want to keep all together. This little beauty is lined as well if you’re feeling a little adventurous.

clasp purse project
Tutorial by Sewing Bee

7. Clutch Bag

Accessorise, accessorise with this envelope clutch. This clutch bag tutorial comes with both a video tutorial and a step-by-step written guide and acts as a fantastic introduction to zips! The bag is lined too – super durable. Go bold and contrasting or cute and complimentary and really make this your own.

Tutorial by Stitchless TV

8. Crossbody Bag

Choose your own look with this crossbody bag. Whether it’s for your change at the farmers market or your sunglasses for a summer trip to the par.

crossbody bag
Tutorial by A Kailo Chic Life

9. Drawstring Backpack

This is a great project that only takes around half an hour, so you can even get the little ones involved – better still, this makes for a cracking P.E. bag or overnight bag for when they have sleepovers with their friends.

drawstring backpack tutorial
Tutorial by Hello Wonderful

10. Tote Bag

Perfect for those trips to the shop without having to grab that plastic bag. Create your very own tote and shop in style with an eco-conscious mind. You can use whatever fabric you like (well, we’re Bags of Love so let’s be fair, you can create your own) and make this bright and bubbly, or sophisticated and swanky – the choice is yours!

11. Shopping Bag Holder

Are you one of those who has a lifetime supply of carrier bags under their sink too, or is that just me? Well, now you can keep them organised with your very own shopping bag holder.

shopping bag holder
Tutorial by Phat Quarters Fabric

12. Reusable Snack Baggie

Bear in mind that to make this one food safe you will need to use a specific fabric (details in the tutorial) but say goodbye to disposable food bags with this homemade beauty.

food baggie tutorial
Tutorial by Sewlicious Home Decor

13. Drinks Cosy

Drinks cosies are great if you’ve got something that’s too hot, or too cold. You could even measure out a takeaway cup and save yourself from using those throwaway cardboard ones.

drinks cosy
Tutorial by Life Sew Savory

14. Bowl Cover

In essence, this is a shower hat for your bowls! Perfect to keep flies off your picnic, cover your bread dough while it proofs or even to transport a ready-made dish (it’s washable so it doesn’t matter if you get a little food on it).

bowl cover

Tutorial by A Kitschy Kitchen

15. Pan Handle Cover

It doesn’t matter if you want to stop yourself from burning your hands, or you just want to brighten up your cupboards. You might even just want to be able to tell which pan is which with nothing but a cursory glance. Either way, this tutorial has you covered.

pan handle cover
Tutorial by So Sew Easy

16. Microwaveable Potato Bag

HOT POTATO! This microwave potato cooker will stop your tatties from drying our if you’re cooking them the quick way (in the microwave) because let’s face it, not everyone has time to wait for hoouuurrssss…

microwave potato bag
Tutorial by Patchwork Posse

17. Oven Mitts

What better way to make sure that you don’t burn your hands when you’re cooking that with a set of oven mitts that you have made yourself? Check out how with this fab tutorial.

oven mitts
Tutorial by I Heart Naptime

18. Napkins

Napkins are wonderful ways to set a theme throughout a dinner party, or a more environmentally friendly way to clean up after a big family dinner. Make your own and you can always ensure that they match your decor perfectly.

nine minute napkins
Tutorial by Gingercake

19. Fabric Roses

Sometimes it’s nice to make things just because. This fabric rose tutorial is exactly one of those things. Beautiful and so much easier to keep alive than a real houseplant, why not give these florae a shot.

Tutorial by Bags of Love

20. Coasters

These cute little fabric coasters are great for protecting your surfaces without having them stick to the bottom of your cups (or is it just me with that problem?). Check out this tutorial to find out how to make your own.

coasters tutorial
Tutorial by Miss Lovie for 30-Handmade-Days

21. Cushion Cover

Cushion covers can really pull a room together, but sometimes finding the perfect set to match your home decor is a task and a half in itself. This handy tutorial shows you how you can make your own, in any fabric that you can get your hands on.

cushion cover
Tutorial by Cook Clean Craft

22. Starfish Cushions

Sometimes a square cushion just doesn’t quite cut it, and you realise that you want something a little more quirky. These starfish cushions allow you to mix and match patterns as well as have something a little different.

starfish pillow
Tutorial by Handmade in the Heartland

23. Vintage Pillowcases

Why not take your crafty creations upstairs to the bedroom? These vintage pillowcases add a touch of that quaint little cottage atmosphere and are great to add the perfect finishing touch.

vintage pillowcases
Tutorial by Town & Country Living

24. Pillow Bed Chair

There are no two ways about it, this pillow bed chair is genius. It’s compact, comfortable, and can be used not only one when your little ones have friends over, but also when they’re watching telly, reading a bedtime story, or pretty much anything to be honest.

pillow chair bed
Tutorial by Fiskars

25. Reversible Bean Bag

A reversible bean bag is a great alternative to a hard structured chair and it’s so versatile that you can have two completely different designs and have it complement two different sets of bedding, two different rooms, or even for two different people!

reversible bean bag
Tutorial by Project Nursery

26. Hammock Chair

This hammock chair is a wonderful idea. Personally, it makes me think of sunny conservatories and reading a book in the springtime, but it can be used all year round, and not just for reading.

Tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

27. Pouffe

Whether you want something to pop your feet upon in the evening or an extra seat that doesn’t look out of place when not in use, this pouffe ticks all the boxes. Check out this tutorial on how to make your own.

floor pouf
Tutorial by Twin Dragonfly Designs

28. Car Seat Cover

This car seat cover is a great ally when you have young children. From keeping buzzy insects away in the warmer months when you’re out and about with your travel system, to not waking up the wee one when you get them out of the car and all of a sudden the daylight hits them.

car seat cover tutorial
Tutorial by Life with My Littles

29. Roll-Up Picnic Blanket

This roll-up picnic blanket gives you a pillow, a protective layer to lie on and handy storage for your sunnies, your book/magazine and anything else you might want to take with you. What more could you want?

roll up picnic bag
Tutorial by Very Dark Horse

30. Double-Sided Elastic Headband

This headband is softer than a traditional Alice-band, is elasticated so one size fits most, and is reversible so you have two headbands in one. It’s also super easy to make if you follow this tutorial.

double sided headband with elastic
Tutorial by Happy Together

31. Baby Bobble Hats

Tiny babies in bobble hats have to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Beat the boring plain colours and make your own with this simple step-by-step tutorial.

baby bobble hats
Tutorial by Made Everyday

32. Double Layer Skirt

This stunning skirt is everything I think I could have wanted in a skirt when I was a little girl. It’s got that unique look about it, and it’ll look wonderful as you spin round, and round and round and round…

double layered skirt
Tutorial by Make It & Love It

33. Heathered Kimono

Kimonos are one of those things that never truly seems to go out of fashion. This tutorial was written by a beginner sewer, to be accessible to everyone, so why not have a go at making your own?

handmade heathered kimono
Tutorial by Francois et Moi

34. PJ Bottoms

This tutorial beautifully explains how to make an amazing pair of pyjama bottoms – get this – at a beginner’s level! If you’re not as excited about this as we are then we can’t help!

Tutorial by Makers Gonna Learn

35. Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is perfect for the summertime and this one is partially made from a t-shirt, so half of the work is done for you! Check out this tutorial on how to make your own lightweight, breezy maxi dress.

t shirt maxi dress
Tutorial by Polka Dot Chair

36. Caftan

This caftan has only three seams and no hemming! This makes it both perfect for beginners as well as being super stylish. Check out the tutorial below for more details.

three seam caftan
Tutorial by Simple Simon & Co

37. T-Shirt

Learn how to make your very own t-shirt and grab yourself a sneak peek at the Bags of Love production department in this double-whammy video. What more could you ask for?

Tutorial by Bags of Love

38. Minidress

The opposite of the maxi dress – the minidress. This amazing tutorial from the Victoria and Albert Museum shows you how to make your own minidress, and better yet, it has a super-cute collar AND POCKETS!!

mary  quaint style minidress
Tutorial by Victoria & Albert Museum

39. Bralette

This tutorial shows you how to make two different bralette styles which look so professional but are super simple to make – you can even hand-sew them if you don’t fancy braving a sewing machine at the moment.

Tutorial by The Sorry Girls

40. Bunting

Okay, so, this is definitely labelled as Christmas bunting, but, hear us out here. Bunting is for life, not just for Christmas! You can use whatever colours and designs you like and say goodbye to the seasonality.

Tutorial by Bags of Love

41. Wheat Pillow

This wheat pillow is perfect for those nights where the weather is getting colder. An alternative to a hot water bottle and ideal for those winter aches and pains, make yours with this simple tutorial.

Tutorial by The Sewing Directory

42. Business Card Holder

A business card holder that is handmade by you is so wonderful. Doubley so if your business is that of the crafty kind. Check out this tutorial on how to make yours.

business card holder
Tutorial by A Spoonful of Sugar

43. Passport Holder

Create your own passport holder and to keep your passport (and any other travel documents) safe and sound. The great part about making it yourself is that you can adjust to fit exactly what you want in there.

papport holder tutorial
Tutorial by Hello Creative Family

44. Fabric Pencil Case

One of the best things about crafting at home is that you can create something useful. Check out this pencil case tutorial and get yourself organised – well, at least try before you become overrun with craft supplies!

Tutorial by Bags of Love

45. Cable Tidies

Phone chargers, tablet chargers, handheld console cables, headphones and so much more, modern life is full of cables that can easily get tangled. Make your own cable tidies with this tutorial and say hello to a tangle-free life.

cable keeper
Tutorial by Frugal Family Home

46. Earphone Holder

You can even take it yet another step further with this cute little headphone pouch. With the handy split ring, you can even attach it to your handbag or keys for easy access when you’re out and about.

earbud pouch
Tutorial by Dog Under My Desk

47. Phone Charging Station

Take the danger of tripping over cables whilst charging your phone away, with this handy phone charging station. Simply plug your phone in, pop it in the holder and worry no more.

phone charging station
Tutorial By Positively Splendid

48. Christmas Stocking

Is Christmas even Christmas without a stocking? We don’t think so! Get your hands on a Bags of Love exclusive pattern and make yours along with us with this Christmas stocking tutorial.

Tutorial by Bags of Love

49. Cat Hammock

This cat hammock is simply adorable. Make your kitty a comfy place to ‘hang out’ with a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your very own cat hammock.

cat hammock
Tutorial by Martha Stewart

50. Dog Bed

At Bags of Love, we cater to your canine comrades as much as we do the feline friends. This tutorial explains how to make your very own dog bed that will go with any room.

dog bed tutorial
Tutorial by Sarah Hearts

51. Pet Bandana

This pet bandana is frankly too cute not to make! You can also resize slightly for dolls, babies and you know, different sized pets! Go crazy with the print and make a complete bandana collection.

52. Hanging Towel

We just love the idea of these hanging towels! So often do I end up just kinda bodging my towel over the oven door handle only to have the cat pull it off just moments later. This super cute design makes for a fab gift too!

Tutorial by Scrappy Patch

52 Sewing Tutorials

So, there you have it, 52 different sewing tutorials. If you’ve mastered all of these then frankly we reckon you’re not a beginner anymore! Give yourself a pat on the back and advance to intermediate.

When choosing the fabric for your craft projects, finding the print that is just right doesn’t always come easy. Why not print your own? This personal touch will make your projects really you. As well as making for great gift ideas too.

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