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Non-Traditional Wedding Vows – Break the Mould with These Great Ideas

non traditional wedding vows

We tend to follow a pretty standard formula when it comes to all-things-wedding-related, but sometimes when you add a personal twist it changes the whole day. Make your wedding a unique one with non-traditional wedding vows. Write your own ones, they’re bound to make your wedding a day to remember.

The benefit to non-traditional wedding vows is that you can make what you want out of them. The traditional ones do tend to come across as a little antiquated for some people – what with being obedient, taking the man or the woman, obeying the groom, and so on. We all know that in this day and age, nobody is property to be passed around from one man (a father) to another (a husband). Changing your vows is a great way to make sure that any reference to this is totally removed.

Humorous Wedding Vows

One of the popular options when sprucing things up is to inject a little humour. I mean we aren’t talking all-out silly wedding vows here, but something with a little humour never hurt anyone. Funny wedding vows examples include using your favourite songs or programs to liven up the oath. Other popular choices include being a little naughty and sometimes even (vaguely) intimate wedding vows – whilst keeping it PG, of course, most weddings have kids attending!

Non-Traditional Wedding Vows addams family
You are the Morticia to my Gomez
Non-Traditional Wedding Vows doctor who
I’ll make your bed wibbly wobbly every timey wimey
Non-Traditional Wedding Vows toy story
My love for you extends to infinity – and beyond!
Non-Traditional Wedding Vows the simpsons
I choo-choo-choose you
Non-Traditional Wedding Vows bulldog
I love you, even when you snore

Straight From the Heart

Time for some heartfelt wedding vows. You know, the ones to make him cry, no matter how macho he thinks he is This is a sure-fire way to make sure they’re remembered. Or if she’s a bit of a tough-nut, non-traditional wedding vows that tug on her heartstrings are bound to stick out in everyone’s memories. So if you want something a little more smushy, but that are still unconventional wedding vows then have a look at these ideas.

love shower
I’ll shower you with love every single day so that you never doubt how I feel
Non-Traditional Wedding Vows up
I promise to love you for as long as we both live, and then longer
me and you jigsaw
We fit together so perfectly, I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it
wake up next to you
Waking up next to you makes every single day the best day of my life
nothing compares to your touch
Nothing could ever compare to the way that you make me feel

Other unconventional wedding vows

This is your day, and so your vows can reflect that. You might opt for nautical wedding vows on a boat wedding, Elvis themed wedding vows in vegas, religious vows for a church wedding and so on. There are so many reasons that you might opt to use non-traditional wedding vows.

After such a huge fight for equal rights, you might want some specific gay wedding vows as part of your ceremony
If it’s not your first, you might want specific wedding vows for second marriage… or third or fourth, we don’t judge
You might not be a man (or woman) or many words. If that’s the case you might want short and sweet wedding vows rather than more traditional

That’s the vows sorted. Now what?

Well, there you have it. Some food for thought when it comes to writing your own wedding vows that are a little off the beaten path. So now you have the declarations of your undying love sussed out, why not browse some of our great wedding gifts?

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