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Your own bigger picture in Hockney Style

Your photo as a Hockney Photo Montage

You can’t avoid seeing or hearing anything about David Hockney when you are in London these days. Magazines are full of articles about him and his recent exhibition, and you can see posters around the whole city – still wondering what exactly is going on here right now?
From January 21th until April 9th 2012 the long anticipated first major exhibition of new landscape works by David Hockney RA will be presented at the Royal Academy of Arts.
The exhibition covers a 50 year period of Hockney’s fascination and discovering artworks of landscapes that also includes newer drawings from his iPad series.
To keep his iPad safe he should think of getting an iPad Case with his own designs printed on both sides – how great would that be? Of course you can design your very own iPad Case too!

Hockney Canvas Art for your home

But let’s go back to Hockney and his amazing artwork and ideas: Do you know that you can have your own artwork in the brilliant Hockney Style for your home without paying a fortune you don’t have? Choose any image you like, the size of the canvas you wish to have and then don’t forget to choose the Hockney Style as well. Our designer then will create a montage in Hockney’s style and send you a proof.
Like it – just let us know and we will start with the printing and production of your very own Hockney montage!

Canvas with a Hockney montage with an image of a field of flowers

Have your own bigger picture in Hockney Style

Your own bigger picture in Hockney style is most likely going to be the new eye-catcher in your living room, your office or wherever you want to hang your personalised artwork onto.
Of course we do have some other personalised Pop Art to choose from, just have a look around our website!

Have your own bigger picture in Hockney Style and be part of the hype!


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