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Happy Birthday Gifts for Children

Unique Birthday Gifts for Children

There’s one good thing about the stress of finding all of the Christmas presents for your loved ones – once you’ve finally found them and Christmas is over, you don’t have to do the whole thing for another 12 months. Unfortunately we can’t say the same about finding the right Birthday presents. The fact is that Birthday Gifts are required over the whole year, so it seems to be a never ending story… Birthday Gifts for Children, Birthday Gifts for Grandparents, Birthday Presents for best friends…there you go, does that already start to make your head spin and your hands sweat? No worries, with a little help from your own images and designs you can create your very own Happy Birthday Gifts for Children!

Create your own Birthday presents with your photos

The first step is to choose the product you want to order. A lovely and cuddly baby blanket is the perfect birthday gift for newborns or babies, a photo cube is a great gift for children to play with, and so are bean bags with a montage of the child’s favourite photos for the playroom. Once you have decided on the perfect product you only have to choose the size, the colour, the material, depending on the product.
Then you can start with uploading your images to design your Birthday Gifts for Children.

Baby blanket with a scatter montage

Happy Birthday Gifts with your surprise

If you have chosen a montage style made by our designers you have to upload your images after completing the order, the other options you can design yourself on your computer. Upload one or even more images, add a personal note and once you are happy with the design, proceed with your order. Only a few days later you’ll have your personalised Happy Birthday Gifts for your loved ones – and the best thing, you can design more birthday presents anytime if required!

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