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Personalised Gifts For Avid Readers: Coming Soon!

Buying gifts for avid readers can be extremely difficult. However, with same day order and next day delivery on an extensive range of products, we are convinced that you can find some truly inspirational personalised gifts made with love for your book-loving friend or relative!

Personalised gifts for avid readers:

1. eBook reader covers

Do you have a friend or relative who devours books and gets through about 3 in a day? Do they own an ereader? A cover to keep their newest piece of gadgetry safe – eBook reader covers –  would be a fantastic and practical idea for personalised gifts. Books contain so many different tales and adventures, and your loved one really does hold a whole library in his or her hand every time he or she goes out with their technology. But you can create another beautiful story through your photos with our stunning, high quality eBook reader photo covers.

2. Personalised photo bookmarks

And what better way to supplement their book reading than to give an avid reader (this time one who does not have a gadget with which to fulfil their pastime!) some beautiful photo bookmarks? Any reader knows that being without a bookmark is one of the most annoying and frustrating experiences ever. Picking up from the page you left off is key and it is such a bore to have to find the last page you were reading previously. Now every time your loved one sits down to read their book they will be reminded of that great memory through your personalised gifts and will feel warmed by your lovely words of encouragement or love!

We are taking a break over Christmas but we will be back in January to offer you some great personalised gifts for you and your loved ones! Merry Christmas!

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