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Picking the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

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Valentine’s Day gifts Dilemma

A few weeks ago I went out to the High Street in search of some beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts for my girlfriend, and was very surprised to find the distinct lack of creativity regarding present ideas for this special occasion. Valentine’s Day is the time when, if in a relationship, you have free rein to showcase your feelings of love and affection for the one person that means the most to you. The only things I was able to find included chocolate bars and scented candles which, whilst very nice and undoubtedly good quality items, were not the kinds of unforgettable Valentine’s Day gifts that should be given at this wonderful moment in the year. However, there is a solution to this distinct deficiency of first-rate Valentine’s Day giftspersonalised gifts. Putting your very own words as a special message onto a lovely photo of you and your other half together is the most romantic way of telling them how much they mean to you.

Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Girls love Valentine’s Day gifts because they can be pampered and can feel especially privileged to know and love their sweetheart! But too often the gifts they receive are uninspiring and actually quite dull. You have the opportunity to change that this year (we are all guilty of some truly lacklustre gift ideas!) by getting your other half something genuinely meaningful through personalised gifts. Here are 3 great Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for her that will melt her heart on the 14th!

1. Photo mugs and cups

Give her her very own personalised photo mugs and cups to have her tea or coffee in every morning. Put a photo from your honeymoon on a mug just for her that is high quality and very practical. She will love your thoughtfulness and these Valentine’s Day gifts are very inexpensive! Available soon!

2. Cushion of love

The cushion of love is a heart-shaped cushion personalised with a photo of you and your other half that stretches right across the fabric. You could even add a personal message if you wish! Comfy, gorgeous and usable every single day!

Valentine's Day gifts Banksy wedding photo canvas of couple and rose

3. Banksy canvas for Valentine’s Day gifts

A Banksy canvas is a brilliant and stunningly romantic Valentine’s Day gifts idea because your best photo, given the urban Bansky twist, will look breathtaking when transferred onto first-rate canvas. Your photo is superimposed onto a street wall with red flowers or hearts around you and your loved one, and the contrast of black and white and red makes for a beautiful and very striking present for Valentine’s Day.

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