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Personalised Gifts For Cold Nights

As it has become clear that autumn has arrived and is here to stay we need to think about practical personalised gifts to give during the chilly autumn season. Warm summer nights have come and gone (there wasn’t too many of them unfortunately) and we are approaching darker and colder months from now on.

Perfect personalised gifts to give during this season are the personalised Bags Of Love photo blankets. Made from double thick polar fleece, our blankets come in three sizes; small, medium and large. For ultimate cosiness and warmth, we recommend the large photo blankets. The small one makes a great baby blanket.

Snuggle up with a soft and warm photo blanket covered in photos from your summer holiday in Egypt and we promise you’ll feel warmer instantly! If you don’t want photos on the blanket you can cover it in prints, illustrations or pictures of famous people you admire. If you mum is a massive Johnny Depp fan, giving her a large blanket with Johnny on it is bound to be a hit!

Boy sitting on a sofa with a blanket with a dog on it

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