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The Personalised Photo Light Cube

Woman with sunglasses on a light cube

Bags Of Love gives you with the opportunity to create personalised gifts you may never have reconsidered. Combining a piece of furniture with stunning photos is now possible with the Bags Of Love personalised photo light cube! This light cube has five interchangeable covers so you can show off photos or patterns whilst providing your home with light. By adding your personal photos to light cubes you create inventive personalised gifts you won’t find in any home interior shops.

The light cubes make great personalised gifts for the kid’s. By putting their favourite cartoons or artists on the lamp you might make their bed time a bit more alluring! If you have patterns you particularly like then you can use them to improve your home interior by having them put on this light cube. The soft, cosy light is perfect for living room lounging in the evenings.

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