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50th Birthday Ideas: Gifts for Your Parents (and more!)

50th Birthday

Monumental Birthday Gifts

For big birthdays such as someone’s 18th, 21st, 30th or 50th you need monumental birthday gifts. Birthday gifts for these important celebrations should be out of the ordinary and unique. You want to make the birthday boy or girl feel special on their birthday. Instead of making them feel old make them appreciate the life they lead by giving them appropriate birthday gifts. The easiest way to make someone realise all the great things they have is to show them.

Turn On The Affection For 50th Birthday Presents

Birthday gifts which include photos of the person’s life blessings are ideal for monumental birthdays. Your mum and dad’s 50th birthday is one of those occasions when you really need to turn on the affection. 50th birthday presents which make your parents reflect on their rich lives spent with their family so far are truly the most ideal. So how do you do this? Well placing many photos on 50th birthday presents is a great way to remind them of their loved ones.

Design Bedding 50th Birthday Gifts

personalised bedding gift idea

Designer bedding items make first-class 50th birthday presents for mum as well as dad. Bedding birthday gifts will be enjoyed by both parents so they work well for parents 50th birthday ideas. Duvet covers, bedsheets and pillowcases are fabulous designer bedding pieces for the bedroom. Make a whole matching set or just individual pieces using photos of the family. Sausage cushions and photo blankets are ideal designer bedding gifts for living room use so choose the photos wisely!

Birthday Gifts For The Kitchen – Personalised Aprons

The kitchen is a room where the whole family often gather together. Making 50th birthday gifts for the kitchen is another great idea. Personalised aprons are by far the most exciting and unique kitchen gifts. Personalised aprons for mum or dad’s 50th means that they from now on can cook family dinners whilst wearing the family! Fun family photos and personal messages on personalised aprons are brilliant 50th birthday gifts for parents.

custom apron gift idea

Dad’s 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Pity those dads who get all those socks and gimmick gifts. Make your dad feel treasured on his special day, with Bags Of Love, and get him what he really wants. Gifts for dads are simple: photos of themselves being great – printed on useful gifts of exceptional quality! Bags Of Love is the perfect place to get such gifts as we specialise in personalised birthday gifts. If it’s your dad’s big 50th birthday it is extra important that you get him something unique. And what’s more unique than one of a kind photo birthday gifts?

A cooking dad would love a photo apron. Maybe a picture of him burning the turkey, or a family dinner that he served– it could be a cheeky gift? It’s also a great Christmas gift for dad – he’d carve the turkey in it!

The Cool Dad

Is your dad a pretty cool dad? Then how about giving him a personalised laptop bag. Use a view of the city where he works or a picture of him doing one of his hobbies like fishing perhaps. Does he absolutely adore his bulldog? Create a canvas print featuring his dog, he will cherish it forever. Or maybe he’s a massive Chelsea supporter? Put the Chelsea crest on photo canvas prints that he can proudly hang on the wall.

Film gifts are another idea, dad’s love films. Buy a photo film montage of him doing something he’s good at, perhaps barbequing or playing golf. You can make it comical, or to show a timeline. For a 50th birthday, a photo film strip featuring pictures of his life from being a boy to becoming a man is excellent. This is a photo birthday gift that will surely bring out the emotions. Another brilliant film gift idea is to buy him a photo canvas prints or coasters of his favourite screen icon or film.

50th Birthday Presents For Dad – Let’s Celebrate With Photos On Canvas

Is your old man turning the big 5-0 this year? Then you will need to get him a very special gift, which he will love and treasure for the next 50.

There is no better way to say; Happy Birthday and I love you than with the beautiful and personal gift of photos on canvas. A gorgeous photo canvas can say so many things. From family photos to holiday snaps to images of their favourite hobby, a photo montage on canvas really does make the perfect 50th birthday presents for dad.

family portrait photos on canvas photo canvas wall art 50th birthday

We have a wide range of different canvas prints and styles to choose from, to ensure your dad gets the best birthday present. Our Photo Filmstrip Montage and Multi-Panel Photo Split are quirky and unique options, which turns a regular photo canvas into a work of art – just perfect as gifts for Dad’s 50th! Or why not try our beautiful Black and White Canvas, to add a touch of style and elegance to his walls?

A 50th birthday photo collage on canvas to celebrate his first 50 years is another great idea for your dad. Is he a massive footie fan, who hogs the TV every time his team (or any team) is playing? If he religiously follows a club, then turn their crest into a photo collage or photo canvas, along with photos of his favourite players, so he can hang it proudly on the wall.

Another great idea for canvas prints as 50th birthday presents for dad is creating a montage of your dad’s favourite photos from a fab holiday or special event. You upload them and choose your layout and we can turn your snaps into beautiful photo canvas wall art, which is sure to bring a (happy) tear to his eye. He will be able to remember and reminisce about the good times, by looking at them from his favourite chair in the lounge. There really is no better gift than photos on a canvas!

Not Just For Your Parents! Romantic And Personalised Gifts For Her 50th Birthday

A  truckload of diamonds,  a voucher worth  £10.000 to spend on shoes, and a trip around the world with  3 of her best friends.  All this only to be told  in sequence, “You shouldn’t have done it,  I can’t accept that, thank you, but it is too much…” That is to say how personalised gifts for her 50th birthday sometimes do not even necessarily mean expensive gifts. 50th birthday gift ideas for her are those that have more to do with affection and attention … and photo gifts master those qualities.

Personalised Gifts For Her 50th Birthday With Photos

Personalised gifts for her 50th birthday with photos is a romantic thought. It’s also an original way to enhance some of your favourite photos.  Whether she is your mother, your wife, your sister or just a friend, there’s a photo gift for her. One that is just waiting to be personalised. From shopper bags to pillowcases and duvet covers,  there is a wide range of products to choose from. Combine your creativity with the desire to make personalised gifts for her 50th birthday. Use photos and create beautiful photo gifts for all the women in your life.

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