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21st Birthday Ideas From Parents

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21st Birthday Presents For Your Child

It is a special moment when your daughter or son turns 21 as this officially marks their adulthood. 21st birthdays are often celebrated big so you’ll need great 21st birthday presents for your child. Maybe it feels like yesterday that you where buying them dolls and games but let’s face it they have now grown up to be young men and women so they need suitable birthday gifts. You want to give them mature 21st birthday presents but which still have that mushy parent sense.

Photo Montage Birthday Gifts

To incorporate that proud parent vibe into stylish gifts for photo montage gifts. Personalised birthday gifts with photos are always the best choice for someone’s special day but even more so when you’re buying 21st birthday presents. Photo montage gifts can display many photos all at once so you can use photos from their childhood mixed with photos from today of them and their friends. This way these 21st birthday presents are mushy but not too corny which the 21-year old will appreciate.

Make Up Bags For Daughters

If it is your daughter turning 21 the safest bet is to go for bags. She will love handbags, shopper bags and make up bags covered in photo montages. Make up bags are perfect 21st birthday presents for the girly 21-year old. She will love the cute details and feminine colours of the make up bags as well as the photo montage featuring photos she love. Make up bags this fabulous can be carried around at all times from work and University to the gym and to friend’s houses for make up sessions before going out.

Home Gifts For Sons

For your son who is turning 21 opt for cool home gifts he can have in his room or use in his new home, away from home. A personalised deckchair or bean bag is perfect for a 21-year old man who likes to chill out with his mates around the house. He will be amazed how good the photos of him and his friends look on cool seating items. Canvas prints are also great 21st birthday presents for guys. A photo montage on canvas is a gift he can keep a lifetime so he’ll always remember his life as a 21-year old.

A photo montage of several phots on a deckchair

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