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What’s Your Fortune? Read Your Free Online Horoscope For February 2017

free online horoscope for february

Whoo hoo – you’ve done it – you have taken on January and (hopefully) won. Well done you. The hardest part of the year is over.

With a new month, comes a new set of fortunes from the stars. What will February have in store for you? Wealth, a hot new lover, a hot new job or maybe something…not so great. There’s only one way to find out. Read your February horoscope, translated from the heavens by our own Mystic Meg, and prepare yourself for the weeks ahead.

What Star Sign Am I Really?

So, you are one of two people: someone who believes in horoscopes or someone who doesn’t believe in horoscopes. Whether you believe them or not, reading what the stars have in store for you can become addictive. If you are a February baby, then welcome to the age of Aquarius! An awesome song and an awesome star sign. There are 12 signs of the Zodiac in total and each sign has its own attributes and personality traits. We will divulge a bit about each one as we go.

Your free February horoscope starts now – we hope it’s a good one for you.

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The 12 Signs of the Zodiac


free online horoscope for aquarius

January 20 – February 18 – Man carrying water – an air sign, ruled by Uranus

Aquarius Traits

Here are some top Aquarius traits:

  • Generous
  • Interested in helping others
  • Cares for others, even strangers
  • Connects well with others
  • Free and independent thinkers
  • Can hide their emotions
  • Patient and tolerant
  • Energetic
  • Enjoy alone time to reflect
  • Have a tendency to become depressed
  • Can be resentful if they feel they aren’t appreciated

February Horoscope for Aquarius

It’s all about love, health and vitality for you this month Aquarius. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you will find that your love life is in an amazing place. If you are single, you will find love towards the end of the month and if you are in a relationship, you will have a brilliant month with each other. Your health will also be in tip top form and if you have been suffering from an ailment recently, this month sees it, finally, on the mend. Work takes a backseat this month as your social and love life take the lead. Enjoy it and roll with it and you will have a great month.


online horoscope for Pisces

February 19 – March 20 – the Fish – a water sign, ruled by Neptune

Pisces Traits

Here are some top Pisces traits:

  • Daydreamers
  • Happy and energetic
  • Vibrant
  • Very caring
  • Dislike seeing others unhappy
  • Dedicated and loyal
  • Views can lead towards intolerance
  • Empathetic
  • Deep feeler
  • Can worry excessively
  • Not a great leader as can be indecisive
  • Offers good support

February Horoscope for Pisces 

It’s time to focus on your career Pisces and don’t be afraid or apprehensive about putting your career goals first – your loved ones will understand and support you. This is a time for you to focus on you. You might find that you are pulled towards doing some kind of additional course or volunteer work – if that is the case then roll with it, it could help you to achieve your final goal. You want to be helpful in the workplace, but make sure that you are not taken advantage of by “clueless” workmates, who might want to add to your load by claiming ignorance. Be helpful, but not a doormat.


free online horoscope for Aries

 March 21 – April 19 – the Ram – a fire sign, ruled by Mars

Aries Traits

Here are some Aries traits:

  • Full of life
  • Very energetic
  • Enjoys being challenged
  • Curious
  • Bright and full of vitality
  • Loves competitions
  • Likes being in control
  • Can be impatient and abrupt
  • Optimistic
  • Works hard, plays hard
  • Can seem selfish and stubborn

February Horoscope for Aries

You are feeling flirty this month Aries! And there is nothing wrong with that. If you are in a committed relationship, you might be up for dabbling in something a little naughty – such as role play or other games. If you are single, then this is your month to have fun, indulge in some online dating, say yes to that offer of a drink and just have fun! You are not that interested in commitment, so enjoy playing the field for a while. Your health will also be great this month and if at any point you find your energy levels are a bit low, try looking towards some natural remedies to give yourself a boost.


free online horoscope for taurus

April 20 – May 20 – the Bull – an earth sign, ruled by Venus

Taurus Traits

Here are some Taurus traits:

  • Peaceful and calm
  • Methodical and relaxed
  • Enjoys sex, food, drink and luxury
  • Works hard to get the best
  • Takes time with decision making
  • Solid and reputable
  • Committed
  • Adaptable and adjustable
  • Loves to laugh
  • Enjoys spending time with family
  • Can be bullish and stubborn
  • A born leader

February Horoscope for Taurus

Work and family clash horns this month Taurus and you might find it a bit derailing. While you are achieving great things in your job, and focusing on certain goals, there might be an issue in the family, that requires more of your attention. Try not to be resentful of this, as hard as that might be. Both are important and the reason you are being pulled is because you and your opinion are highly respected and sought after. Use your best judgement to ensure that you don’t fall behind at work, yet still give your family the attention they need. Even if your job has to take a minor backseat for the short term, it won’t affect your career.


free online horoscope for gemini

May 21 – June 20 – the Twins – an air sign, ruled by Mercury

Gemini Traits

Here are some Gemini traits:

  • Likes to be with others
  • Enjoys sharing ideas and concepts
  • Likes communicating
  • Curious
  • People persons
  • Social and easy to talk to
  • Adventurous with a love of travel
  • Draw people to them
  • Enjoys intellectual stimulation
  • Creative and entrepreneurial
  • Charming with a great sense of humour
  • Can be unsympathetic and rude
  • Prone to moving around out of boredom

February Horoscope for Gemini

OK Gemini, when it comes to your work life – all is going to be fabulous in February. Your opinion is sought after and you are pretty much the most important member of the team. Your creativity is required for some big projects, but don’t worry, you are more than capable of seeing them through, despite and pressure put on you. As for your love life – you need to wake up! Your partner is throwing you some pretty big clues about how they are feeling at the moment, and you just keep missing them. Not out of spite, but because you choose not to see them. Make sure you take time to talk, understand their needs and let them know that they matter and are important. Trust us, it will make your February all the sweeter.


free online horoscope for cancer

June 21 – July 22 – the Crab – a water sign, ruled by the moon

Cancer Traits

Here are some Cancer traits:

  • Loves home and family life
  • Dedicated and loyal
  • Avoids confrontation
  • Needs to be needed
  • Wants to know they are loved
  • Brave and courageous
  • Can be shy and brooding if needs aren’t met
  • Gentle and nurturing
  • Good listeners
  • Make good friends
  • Can be clingy and insecure

February Horoscope for Cancer

And breathe, Cancer. This is could be a slightly stressful month for you. Although everything is going well in your life, you seem to be being pulled in all directions, which is causing you a bit of stress and anxiety. You have to be flexible, adaptable and use your natural charm to ensure you don’t go nuts! When everything seems to pile up all at once, the only way to deal with it all is to let it go with the flow. You cannot control everything and sometimes, you just need to ride out the storm. Don’t forget, through whatever stress there is, to remember your health and well-being. February can bring a slight upheaval in your emotional health, so keep calm and carry on.


free online horoscope for leo

July 23 – August 22 – the Lion – a fire sign, ruled by the sun

Leo Traits

Here are some Leo traits:

  • Proud and regal
  • Relaxed
  • In charge
  • Lacks patience with complicated things
  • Natural leader
  • Loves to love and be loved
  • Warm and bright
  • Attracts people
  • Honest and decent
  • Enjoys organisation
  • Loves material goods and money
  • Can be arrogant
  • Can be smothering

February will be a fun, social and outgoing month for you Leo. When it comes to work, the more social you are, the closer you will get to achieving your goals, so make sure you say yes to every work event, office night out and after work drinks – you never know what exciting opportunities might pop up, when you least expect them! When it comes to your love life, this is a month for commitment. If you are in a serious relationship, a proposal looks likely and, we hope you are ready, it also looks like pregnancy news might be forthcoming. Have a great month!


Free online horoscope for virgo

August 23 – September 22 – the Maiden – an earth sign, ruled by Mercury

Virgo Traits

Here are some Virgo traits:

  • Cool and calm
  • Mild mannered
  • Always thinking
  • Loves nurturing
  • Very detail orientated
  • Happy to be on their own as long as they know they are loved
  • Sympathetic listeners
  • There for people
  • Can be taken advantage of
  • Kind and patient
  • Loves to laugh
  • Family orientated and dedicated
  • Opinionated and can be critical
  • Tendencies towards hypochondria

February looks like a month of ups and downs for Virgins. Very much heart versus head in many aspects of your life. With work, you are continuing to feel uncertain if you are in the right place and it looks like you might need to forgo the comfort of being in familiar surroundings and go for the challenge, and uncertainty of a new opportunity. Use your head and you will make the right decision. You will also find that this way of thinking opens the door for monetary growth! You also need to choose between your head and your heart when it comes to matters of love. You are going to be presented with several romantic opportunities, so make sure you choose wisely.


free online horoscope for libra

September 23 – October 22 – the Scales – an air sign, ruled by Venus

Libra Traits

Here are some Libra traits:

  • Needs balance in their life
  • Can find it hard to make a decision
  • Weighs up options
  • Hates seeing others unhappy
  • Loves peace and harmony
  • Charming
  • People love to be around them
  • Passionate
  • Makes decisions to benefit other people
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Can be absent minded
  • Doesn’t like to be in charge
  • Likes to be heard in a group

Oh Libra, you really are lovely. This month sees you doing what you do best – helping others and working towards harmony, both in the home, work place and socially. Thanks to your natural ability to be a problem solver, you will find that others will be coming to you, to seek your advice on important decisions. Look at these issues objectively and your advice will be right on the money. Because of this, you will be highly appreciated and loved in February and will find other opportunities, where these natural abilities will be able to help you achieve goals in your own life. You will also be feeling great and enjoying a month of harmony in the home. Enjoy!


free online horoscope for scorpio

October 23 – Nov 21 – the Scorpion – a water sign, ruled by Pluto

Scorpio Traits

Here are some Scorpio traits:

  • Aggressive if provoked
  • Craves alone time
  • Will get annoyed if not given space
  • Great at keeping secrets
  • Emotional
  • Enjoys trying new things
  • Stands up for those who can’t
  • Curious
  • Exercises extreme self-control
  • Disciplined
  • Protective
  • Needs to be a leader
  • Great problem solver
  • Can be pessimistic, stubborn and suspicious

It might be best to take a step back, Scorpio, and breathe. February looks set to be a month, which will throw a little uncertainty and worry your way. When it comes to your love life, there is something blocking the way of your, and your partner’s, happiness. Is there an unresolved issue? A secret, which is causing concern or something else? Whatever it is, get to the bottom of it and TALK! There is nothing that cannot be resolved after a good chinwag. Valentine’s Day is coming up, so make sure you make a bit more effort than usual to show that you want to improve things. If you are single, then maybe it is time to change what you look for in a partner. Look towards the person who makes you laugh and open your mind for the possibility of a relationship with a friend.


free online horoscope for sagittarius

November 22 – December 21 – the Centaur – a fire sign, ruled by Jupiter

Sagittarius Traits

Here are some Sagittarius traits:

  • Loves travelling and discovering
  • Enjoys meeting new people
  • Likes learning new things
  • Craves freedom
  • Hates being tied down
  • Loves variety
  • Can get restless
  • Fun to be around
  • Questions everything
  • Highly intelligent
  • Creative and spiritual
  • Can be rude and uncooperative
  • Gets side-tracked easily

You want to get up and go this month, Sagittarius! Your innate love of travel is giving you itchy feet and you are yearning to book a trip. February is a great time to focus on this, but, you don’t need to go too far. Try going somewhere closer to home, which you might not have thought of before and you will find exactly the kind of adventure you are seeking. When it comes to your love life, if yo are single, your friends and family are all playing matchmaker! They have your best intentions at heart, but you might find it a little overwhelming. However, it looks like one of them knows you very well and might just have the perfect match for you – so keep an open mind!


capricorn star sign

December 22 – January 19 – the Goat – an earth sign, ruled by Saturn

Capricorn Traits

Here are some Capricorn traits:

  • Goal orientated
  • Driven to succeed
  • Works long hours to achieve their goals
  • Self-disciplined and successful
  • Lives to achieve
  • Takes life seriously
  • Natural leaders
  • Logical
  • Family orientated
  • Dry sense of humour can be sarcastic
  • Can seem selfish
  • Sometimes lacks imagination

There are stresses and drama in the workplace this month, and you need to ensure that you do not participate! Changes are afoot and, as long as you continue as you are, you will find that you are safe and content in your role. In fact, monetary signs are excellent for you this month, so it could be that a pay rise is headed your way. This is also a great month for romance. Whether you are in a new relationship or a committed one, love, sex and communication are all looking fabulous – so if you were planning on taking the next steps (either a proposal, a trip or a pregnancy) then this is the month to go forth with your plans!

Best Gifts for Aquarius

personalised photo calendar

An Aquarius is a social being and loves helping others. They are there to offer advice, words of wisdom or just a friendly ear. Because of this, Aquarius people are normally quite popular and have a wide variety of friends from all walks of life! They are also keen to help out whenever they can and hate seeing injustice and unpleasantness, so they can be quite keen volunteers. With all of this in mind, your Aquarius would most likely LOVE a Personalised Diary or Calendar as a gift, so they can keep their life and social affairs all organised, while the personalised part will keep their eyes firmly on their loved ones.

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