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How to Celebrate the Festival of Sleep Day With Luxury Personalised Bedding

celebrate festival of sleep day personalised bedding

Okay, it’s not an official national holiday but the Festival of Sleep Day definitely should be.

Invented (by our new hero) for people that need some well-deserved shut eye and relaxation after the chaotic Christmas holidays, this bizarre but ingenious holiday takes place on January 3rd every year.

But shouldn’t everyday of January be a celebration of rejuvenation? Erm, yes. So, cancel your January plans, find a new series to obsess over and follow these steps to formally observe your new favourite day and indulge in the perfect Festival of Sleep, whatever day it is.

1. Breakfast in Bed

What is better than food? Possibly bed. So, what is better than breakfast in bed? Nothing. Whether you go for an indulgent fry-up or light continental pastries with jam and orange juice, it’ll be 100 x tastier eating it tucked up in bed off a beautiful personalised breakfast tray. If you’re observing the Festival of Sleep Day with a partner, one of you will have to make that all-important sacrifice – actually getting up to make it. But it’s a sacrifice worth making in honour of sleep.


2. Relaxation Essentials

This day is about winding down and forgetting about the trauma of last minute Christmas shopping trips, Boxing Day sales and New Year’s Eve expenses. So, light some candles, play some relaxing, soothing music and try to find zen. If this is too ambitious, just get so relaxed in your soft, luxury personalised quilt that you fall asleep and have a few hours without haunting flashbacks of mile long queues and cancelled trains announcements.


3. Light Entertainment

It’s unlikely you’ll sleep for the entire day, unless a few too many eggnogs were consumed the night before…but that’s no reason why you can’t stay in bed for the whole day. To reduce the risk of getting bored and ending your Festival of Sleep Day celebrations early (imagine?!) make sure you have some form of entertainment at hand, such as the remote to control the TV, a book to get lost in or a box set lined up to binge watch. Don’t do anything that requires too much thinking – today is about appreciating the gift of sleep. Besides, you probably used all your brain power on January 4th which was Trivia Day. (We’re not even kidding…)

relax in bed with laptop and personalised bedding

4. Comfy Attire

The Festival of Sleep Day can’t be observed unless you’re wearing the right uniform: pyjamas. Are you a silk kimono kind of girl? Prefer to hibernate in a cosy onesie? Or do you keep it traditional with a printed nightie? Whatever you do, just make sure you’re comfortable and free from anything that could restrict cuddling, stretching or fidgeting.

personalised kimo

5. The Perfect Bedding

You know that heavenly feeling when you change your bed sheets and put on freshly washed pyjamas, it’s as though you’ve just snuggled up into a cloud? That’s how you should feel on Sleep Day and every other day. Design your own bedding to turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary where all your troubles are left on the landing. From personalised duvet covers to soft, fun round floor cushions or bean bags, where you celebrate Sleep Day on January 3rd is up to you, just remember the important message behind this unofficial holiday; sleep is the best thing ever and why is this not a real thing?!

personalised duvet with photos

Christmas and New Year is a pretty hectic time, but before you know it you’re back to work still 15 hours behind on sleep. Indulge your body and mind with a day of rest and create the perfect Festival of Sleep setting with our personalised bedding range. Custom duvet covers, quilts, cushions, blankets and bedsheets will make Sleep Day and every other night an absolute dream – and what’s even dreamier is that certain lines are 3 for 2!

What are you waiting for?

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