Visiting Central Saint Martin’s London College of Fashion

This week Contrado was invited to speak at Central St. Martin’s University of Arts in London.

The event was presided over by special guest speaker Grayson Perry, who gave an inspirational in-depth lecture. Recounting his own career, Mr. Perry presented some of his most famous pieces and explained in detail the motivations and stories behind these great works of art. Many of the pieces shown were tapestries and these served to accentuate the reoccurring theme of ‘a story behind the artwork’ as he explained was an integral part of his methodology. He also considered the impact of big-name brands on modern society and the influence to his own work.

Developing the lecture into a more instructive lecture for the fashion students present, Mr. Perry proceeded to invite the university to create dresses and clothes which he would consider buying for his personal collection in the coming months. He spoke of his general passion for dresses, what his favourite types of dresses are and gave practical tips on how to achieve his favoured styles. To the tremendous excitement of the ambassadors from Contrado, he emphasised the importance of patterns, shapes and choice of fabric.

Director of Contrado, Chris Childs then took the stage where he recounted the recent advances made in digital fabric printing. To demonstrate the expediency clients can expect from Bags of Love, a sample fabric was provided using the front page of that very morning’s newspaper as the print.

Grayson Perry Fran and Jack Visiting London College of Fashion

This was followed by a thought-provoking Question & Answer session, before being invited to tour the impressive CSM Printing Department.

We would like to express our thanks to Elisa Palomino and the other Central St. Martin’s tutors for inviting us to this brilliant event and the hospitality they have shown us. It was an honour meeting Mr. Perry and such a fantastic source of inspiration being immersed in the world of our customers. Our best wishes to the CSM students.