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Taking the Best Photos of your Christmas Feast

In the final countdown to Christmas, there is a lot of things to be excited for. Presents, friends, family, and making memories that we can cherish forever. For the youngins: trying to catch a glimpse of Santa, and for the adults, watching the joy of children’s faces Christmas morning. Though, for many, the real excitement revolves around the food. Christmas is an excuse for us to shove our faces with the delicious feast we wait all year for–and not feel guilty about how much we eat. Whoever prepares the Christmas meal knows that this is not just any meal, it is something special. Aside from the hours of slaving over the stove and working in the kitchen, (hopefully with help from family members and friends), Christmas dinner is almost a work of art. From the beautiful and delectable turkey to the delicious assortment of side dishes, when the meal is served, your table will look incredible and festive, and those lucky enough to enjoy the meal will not be able to wait to dig in. A fun idea to try this year is photographing the meal. This past year, food blogging and food photography in general have become huge. There is a major fascination with looking at food that looks delectable, and seems easy enough to make yourself.

The challenge; however, is making the food actually look appetising and like it stands out. Of course, it matters if the food is good quality and actually does taste good, but one of the most important factors of good food photography, is the actual photography. Anyone can take a picture of food, but there are tricks that help make the photos awesome. Read on to see some of these tips and tricks, and get creative with the photos you take of the Christmas feast this year!

1. Focus on the Details

Make sure you can capture the texture of the food. For instance, if the potatoes are crispy, make sure those crispy parts appear so in the picture. Make sure the food is places in an appealing way, showing off everything it has to offer.BUT make sure there is not too much going on to distract from the important details.

2. Angles

Avoid straight shooting–this can make images, especially still ones like food, look bland and boring. Try getting low and shooting the food upwards, or, shoot from above. This will offer the photos depth and range and will make the food look better.

3. Color

The more colorful the meal, the better. While it is best to avoid browns and grays, if the food does have these colors, try to add other brighter colors to the table. Surround the brown turkey with green vegetables, or red cranberry sauce. The more color, the more mouth-watering the meal will seem.

4. Natural Light helps

For flattering images, try shooting next to a big window. You can either backlight it by shooting into the light, or use the available light to light your image. The more light shines on the food, the more appetising it will look.


Make sure the setting and background looks good as well. While the dish is the main subject of the photo, the table, cutlery, and place settings are important too. Decorate the table in a festive way to add holiday flair and emotion.


Check out delicious recipes and food ideas at http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/menus/classic_family_christmas_dinner. Enjoy!

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