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Buying Parents Presents: 10 Thoughts We All Have Now We’re Grown Up

Buying Parents Presents: The Struggle is Real

We have all been there. Should I get my parents presents? What do I get them now that I’m a fully-fledged-kind-of-adult? Adulting is hard, how does life work? Many thoughts cross your mind when you’re buying parents presents, especially when you’re technically a grown-up, but are looking at adultier adults than yourself. We’ve pulled together some of the thoughts that we have when we are out gift shopping for the golden oldies, so that you know, truly, you are not alone.

Excuse me, what now?

The first thought that crossed our minds, is the one of total realisation that you literally have no idea what you’re doing. You don’t even know where to begin, let alone how to actually get the job done.

Who is this person?

Then you finally think, it’s cool I got this. I have literally known this person since the day that I was born. I just need to think about what they like, who they are, the normal stuff. Only everything you ever knew about your parental unit has literally just packed its bags and left your brain for the foreseeable future.

Aha! An Actual Idea

Remember that time you rolled your eyes and tried to hide in the corner because your parents finally took a couple of steps out of the stone age and created a social media account? Well, now that might actually come in handy. You can take a look at the things they interact with and see if that sparks any ideas.

Wait, oh no. That didn’t go as planned

Well, for a brief moment that seemed like a good idea. Until you find out that Mum basically just likes everything from cat videos to the next-door-neighbours-hairdressers-daughters-piano-recital, and Dad mostly just shares posts of buildings back-in-his-day and their modern makeovers side by side.

The joys of the internet!

Oh yes! The first thing that every parent learns when they take their internet-initiation – the wishlist. So time to find those Amazon accounts and work out what sort of thing it is they’re pining for.

Nope – did NOT need to see that

This is often followed by INSTANT REGRET. Turns out that the mothership doesn’t actually know the difference between a private and a public wishlist, and now you want to bleach your eyes. How wonderful!

Right, it’s definitely time for a new approach

That’s right! Time to go and see the oldest and wisest people you know. The grandparents. Or any relative to be fair. It’s time to seek the knowledge of the people who have known your parents even longer than you have.

…or not

Well, in theory, that was the perfect idea. However, in practice, not so much. You now know everything about what life was like before we had ‘The Google’, you know the secret ingredient to the dish you always hated growing up and you know every single little detail about the day you were born. Unfortunately, none of those things quite answer your dilemma right now.

Hang on – you got this

You stop thinking about it momentarily. Maybe you’ve known all along and have put yourself through step after step of despair – needlessly. Perhaps a combination of all of the knowledge that you’ve gathered so far will ultimately spark the fire of an idea in your mind. Either way, you got this. Take your time, it’ll happen.

And then, it dawns on you

The idea hits you. Like a saucepan to the face. You realise that every single second since the struggle began was leading up to this exact moment. You have the perfect gift idea for your parents, and frankly, you’re impressed. You’re an absolute genius. The end.

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