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What’s In My Bag? – Hilarious Handbag Confessions

Spill the bag

As this series is called spill the bag, I thought it was only right to talk about the mess that is the contents of a handbag! AKA what’s in my bag!  

We hold everything we don’t need but somehow can’t live without. Holding so much more than necessary, but also holding only the essentials. A handbag is always by your side, and when it’s not a wave of panic rushes over you. Personally, I feel exposed and vulnerable without my handbag. You never know when you will need a specific item. And since clothing manufactures refuse to equip us females with the same hefty pockets as men, we have had to rely on our shoulder companion.  

The contents of a women’s handbag should never be questioned. In our defence, you truly do not know when you will need something. However, over the years of use and multiple adventures, they do seem to accumulate some questionable visitors.  

Thinking of all the random objects I have slipped into my bag I was inspired to ask my fellow colleagues of any random items that have found their way into their beloved handbag. Here is what they had to say: 

The Cat Mum

One of my fellow colleagues most random item was a 14lb bag of cat food… and nothing else. I assume there wouldn’t really be any room for anything else with such an item. For a bit of context, she adores her cat. Her beautiful feline friend only likes a certain type of cat food that is always out of stock. Therefore, when she finally sees a bag at the supermarket it must be snatched up immediately – being a good cat mum isn’t easy. Sometimes you have to carry that load, even if it stinks up your favourite handbag.  

The Savvy Drinker

My personal favourite random item confession was a wine glass half full of wine. This colleague pointed out that when you pay for a glass you have the right to savour it. Nothing is worse than being rushed out of a bar or pub with your overpriced drink still full. We aren’t at the age where downing drinks is an essential skill, let alone a pleasant experience. Therefore, she did the only logical thing for a slightly tipsy, and determined woman to do, she placed it straight into her bag. I wouldn’t recommend this for many reasons; however, I do applaud her for her dedication and commitment to getting her money’s worth. As she agreed, many ideas sound better when you’re tipsy.  

The Good Friend

A classic random item that has featured in another colleagues handbag on many occasions is a pair of shoes. Notably never her own shoes. It seems she has some barefoot enthusiasts as friends, and who am I to judge. We have all been there. Stumbling home in pain due to an awful pair of shoes we assumed wouldn’t be “too bad this time”, but they always are. Good friends hold your shoes, and I hope you have friends to hold your shoes for you.  

The Sappy Couple

A more wholesome and touching item was a small bunch of pressed flowers. This particular colleague has been in a sickeningly sweet relationship with their childhood sweetheart for years now. They are extremely happy together and I am definitely in no way bitter about it. They luckily skipped the awkward and almost brutal game that is dating in the 21st century. 

The significance of the pressed flowers… just you wait, it is frankly obnoxiously adorable. They are from the first bouquet he gave her. Yep, a moment pulled right from your favourite romcom. Who knew such thoughtful acts still occurred… from a 14 year old no less. Pressed between 2 pieces of hard plastic she goes everywhere with it. Because it makes her smile or she uses it to gloat. Either way, you cannot deny it is a heartwarming “handbag essential”.  

The Spread Of Joy

Since I have exposed my colleagues’ random items you may be wondering what’s in my bag? Personally, mine was 10 mini rubber ducks… the explanation to which I can confidently say is justified and a sane reason. Just hear me out. I was handed these 10 mini ducks by a child on the tube. He insisted that I have them in order to pass the joy along. Once receiving confirmation from his mother that it was in fact okay to take these ducks and was not daylight robbery of a child (a double felony), I slipped them into my handbag. The only drawback was that they would squeak constantly. I did spread the joy by distributing the ducks, but I had to keep one to be my handbag travel companion. Now I don’t go anywhere without him.

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