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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Are you looking for original new exciting ideas for Secret Santa this year? Have you got a special someone to impress, or simply fed of up of all those meaningless gimmicks? Help is at hand.

Secret Santa gift ideas that are personalised with clues to the sender are the hot new gift idea for executives: Personalised gift ideas Bags of Love are the highest quality you can buy. They have provided wall décor for the likes of Paul Smith, and their photo cubes have been used as brainstorming executive toys for Sony Playstation and are therefore an excellent brand choice for a stylish Secret Santa gift.

Photo cubes are a fun secret santa gift ideas– You could personalise a photo cube with six photo clues – my advice would be to keep it funny, and in good taste! Items on your desk, images that spell out your name – just use your imagination and tailor the photo theme to something that the recipient will appreciate. These photo cubes are high quality, and great as a gift for teambuilding and desk toys. In addition to secret Santa in the office, there are the mothers groups to think about – a personalised secret Santa baby gift will go down a treat at the next mother and toddler group.

Personalised photo calendars are one of the best Secret Santa gift ideas. Now you can buy 3 of them for the price of one. Just send 12 photos for each month of the year plus one for the personalised cover. You can even have personalised title or message on the cover and each page.

Coasters are also a neat gift idea for executives – eliminating all those coffee stains! You could theme some clues, or even take secret shots of them drinking their coffee, and print a different one on each coaster? Coasters and placemats go down well as gifts for her, as well as being a funky home décor idea.

A useful secret Santa present is a customised pocket diary – you can only have so many racing desktop grannies! The quality is outstanding, and every executive will love a photo of him/herself working hard, or sharing a joke at the water cooler. A variation on the same theme and great for general Christmas gift ideas for execs is a matching address book and journal.

Personalised secret Santa presents are a thoughtful way to avoid all those gimmicks, and add a touch of class to your secret Santa gifts. You may even start a trend for the next year!


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