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New Born Baby Gifts – Baby Sleeping Bags

Two baby sleeping bags with patterns and text on

Finding new born baby gifts can be tricky. Newborns do not have many activities apart from sleeping, eating and crying – so gifts are rather limited. So if you need to buy baby gifts for new born babies you might be struggling with ideas. Bags of Love can help you with that! We would recommend our divine personalised baby sleeping bags. You choose between six Bags of Love patterns and add text to the sleeping bag to personalise it to the little new born. Putting the baby’s name and date of birth is a great idea!

The personalised baby sleeping bags have a very long zip for easy access. You can put your baby to sleep gently or pick up the baby quickly if they are crying. Our baby sleeping bag is designed by mums so the baby will be totally safe in it. The soft fleece material is light and machine washable. New born baby gifts dilemmas are a thing of the past! The parents and baby will love this super soft and practical gift.

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