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Reusable Shopper Bags

Icecaps are melting and the polar bears will soon be swaggering down the hard shoulder of the motorway looking for a deep fridge freezer to sleep in. The truth is they will die out sooner than later, and the instrument of extermination can be found in the huge ball of plastic shopping bags most of us keep in the bottom drawer of our kitchen cupboards after trips to the supermarkets.

The lowly plastic bag is the biggest environmental scourge of modern day. They are made from petroleum or natural gas using inks containing lead. Considering that only 1% of the 20 billion bags used worldwide each year get recycled – the environmental impact is staggering. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, which means that every plastic bag you’ve ever used in your entire life still exists, and will outlive you by centuries. Now consider that each bag is probably used once; so in terms of a work/life balance, plastic shopping bags have got a sweet deal. They work for a few hours and spend the rest of their very long life in a subterranean landfill retirement home or urban hand-gliding as airborne litter.

Let’s give the environment a break, eh? Bags Of Love can help you help the planet by suing our Reusable canvas and natural fibre shopping bags. These affordable reusable shopper bags come in packs of five and can be used for the supermarket as well as for clothes and utility shopping.

The hard wearing reusable bags can be put in your normal bag and then whipped out whenever you make a purchase and a plastic bag is offered. The thin plastic bags given to you at the supermarket often break and hurt your hands while carrying as they cut into your skin. Our shopper bags have comfortable convenient long straps. It’s time to start saying no to plastic bags when you go shopping!

The shopper bags are great gift ideas for him and her. Show your love for the environment and your love for Bags Of Love by carrying these clever shopper bags yourself, or give them as a gift to someone special. Your fingers will thank you, and so will the fish!

Five white shopper bags with bags of love written on them

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