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Leaving Gifts Ideas For School Teachers

School is a wonderful period or sometimes a difficult part of life but there may have been a special teacher that helped get you through it. So what better way to thank them then by giving them special and personalised gifts to remember you and your fellow students by? We have the leaving gift ideas you need!

Photo montage products and photo canvases provide a unique and creative way to display a range of great images simultaneously making them perfect gift ideas for a teacher to see all the faces of their students. Gift ideas from your photos make smashing leaving gifts.

Photo handbags and make-up bags are great leaving gift ideas for women teachers who are leaving and great gift ideas for men could be a photo canvas print or a personalised apron. This way the memories are preserved and the teacher can remember his or her’s pupils in their everyday life.

If you want an unusual spontaneous gift then photo blankets are a unique choice because you can have all the pupils on it – and if it a nursery where the teacher is leaving then children’s footprints and handprints are an amazing memento.

And finally, if you want your teacher to think of their old school all year than a photo calendar will rekindle a new memory every year making it a monumental leaving gift that will last all year round.

We’ve had some really creative orders from customers lately, creating leaving gifts for school teachers. Below is a wicked apron and wash bag that were designed by customers.

Man next to barbeque on an apron lying on a table Black vinyl wash bag with coloured sticker notes with text

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