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3 Unique Gifts for Health Nuts

gifts for health nuts

While it is generally not good to categorise people, there is one undeniable category that this silence fails to address: Those who are easy to buy gifts for and those who are difficult. Sure, you have the friend who loves moisturiser, perhaps the relative who loves anything chocolate related, but what happens when you are confronted with a health nut? Suddenly, you feel judged, does my gift live up to their nutritional or holistic expectation? Luckily, we have some recommendations that will leave a healthy, sustainable, and lasting impression. And the list doesn’t involve food (because let’s face it, everyone is going to get them a health hamper). Before we get into the 3 items, here’s a list of essential components to make sure you have covered.


Even more than the gym, your health nut loves the environment. This means that no matter what good intention you have, if your gift has materials or ingredients that are not sustainably sourced, you may be getting a very false thank you. Remember, your health nut knows every single one of those long words on the ingredient list.


Similar to sustainability, your health nut enjoys organic materials and even better, handmade or recycled. By giving a gift that is ethically handmade you are choosing quality over quantity.


Your health nut is very self-aware and is against mass production. Buying a gift that can be used again and not just thrown in the garbage will get you plenty of victory points.

With that short checklist in mind, here are the 3 unique gifts for health nuts!

Our 3 Unique Gifts For Health Nuts

Recycled Glass Candles

Coming in recycled glass, with vegan wax and handmade in the UK, glass candles are a perfect gift for health nuts. With four exotic flavours, these candles exude relaxation and are ideal for meditation, romantic dinners, or creating evening ambience. You can personalise the sticker and the lid for a truly unique and caring gift.

Water Glasses

A health nut will know the importance of hydration, they may also know a thing or two about quality. With curved crystal glass, responsibly sourced and handmade in the UK, our water glasses are a gorgeous gift. You can upload an image, photo and even text to create a glass that is more meaningful than your average glass. How about uploading a picture of their favourite location with their favourite quote?

Yoga Mat

Raise your vibration with a yoga mat. If your health nut enjoys yoga, keeping flexible or even doing home workouts, a custom yoga mat is a great way to show you care. You can customise the mat with your own image, photo and text to make it even more meaningful.  The mat is naturally non-slip and is handmade in the UK using eco-friendly inks.

We have plenty more gifts on our website, and we are proud to say all our products are made by hand in the UK. Happy gifting!

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