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18th Birthday Gift Ideas

Coming of age – whether the starting of the teenage years or a sixtieth is a time when you look back over the years, picturing your journey up to this point. You can turn every past year of their lives into unique birthday gifts to help them celebrate the major milestone that is the 18th birthday.

Photo Gifts Are Perfect for The Big 18

Personalised birthday gifts beat any other gifts! A photo birthday gift is a quirky way of saying happy birthday on the special day and for someone turning 18, the day is very special indeed. Personalised birthday gifts are great gift ideas for a young person’s birthday and it’s most likely that there are plenty of photos to choose from.

Personalised birthday gifts make a special birthday extra special. Remember, they are kept forever and looked back on in later years – making something truly memorable is the success of the perfect gift. 18th Birthday presents are easier to choose than you think. You are buying for a teenager, who wants to be classed as an adult. So you buy them something that optimizes adulthood and fun.

The Big 18th Birthday

Birthday parties and the highly anticipated personalised 18th birthday gifts seem to be the most important to teenagers coming of age. Maybe it’s because every year you turn a year older you feel more mature and ready to conquer the world. The 18th birthday is perhaps the most important of them all so birthday gifts for the 18-year-old are crucial. The 18th birthday is the day a young person lands real responsibility for the first time. Voting, driving and going out is all part of becoming an adult and the 18th birthday mark a milestone in a young person’s life.

18th Birthday Gifts For Teenagers – All About The Friends

Gifts for teenagers are fun to buy as it’s all about being young and having fun as a young adult. Friends are often the most important people in an 18-year-olds life. You might have noticed how your teenager has separated him or herself from the family more and more to spend more time with the friends which is totally normal as a young person forms their own identity and lifestyle. So if you are buying birthday gifts for teenagers – whether it’s your child, friend or family member – photos of the 18-year-old and the friends are ideal.

Teenage Photo Mania

There are many occasions in a teenagers life that are captured with the camera. Their first holiday with their friends, the graduation ball and endless party snaps. It’s all about them and their friends, laughter and gossip. They take photos day in and day out on their mobile phones and upload pictures on social network sites such as Facebook and Flickr. So if you really want to impress the birthday boy or girl you need to make use of all these photos. That’s why photo gifts are simply ideal birthday gifts for an 18th birthday.

18th Birthday Gifts Covered In Photos

Not only do you give them a great gift in itself, like a laptop case, for example, but you also give them a gift covered in their favourite photos of them and their friends. The gift itself all depends on the 18-year-old in question. Is he a gadget expert? Shop personalised 18th birthday gifts for him and give him an iPad or Kindle case. Is she a beauty queen? Then shop 18th birthday ideas for girls and give her a make-up bag or handbag. Does she love decorating her room? Then give her home gifts such as photo cushions and photo canvas prints! Whichever item you choose the gift can be covered in photos.

Two girls on a cushion

Stylish gift ideas for young women turning 18 include a photo blanket containing pictures of previous birthday parties. By using photos from your family album, you can turn memories into something classy and useful. Consider a custom photo room divider. These gifts are about as stylish as you can get! With Bags Of Love, you can create the perfect photo birthday gifts that make the occasion more special than ever.

A gift for him could be a stunningly sophisticated photo filmstrip montage. This could show them in a timeline, from early teenage years until now. It could maybe be of them doing something exciting or maybe one defining moment on a photo canvas. His favourite film icon on a photo canvas print? If he is on the verge of a new job, or about to start university, a photo laptop bag would be a great 18th birthday present for a young man.

Filmstrip montage canvas print displaying shark images

Photo deckchairs with a photo montage are superb birthday gifts for an 18-year old man. The deckchair above is designed by the birthday boy’s mum. She’s selected some favourite pictures of her son; baby pictures mixed with more recent ones, and added text with his name. He is bound to be impressed and most likely his mates will be too! Great for lounging in the garden on a hot summer day.


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