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Lichtenstein-Style Photo Canvas

Canvas print with a rabbit in Lichtensten art style

What is Pop Art? Pop Art emerged in the 1950s in Great Britain and America, and is mainly characterised through its visual use of mass produced commodities and commonplace advertising brands from popular culture. Through deliberate isolation of images from their advertising content, the product images themselves become art in an ironic scrutiny of modern society. Considered the last modern art movement of the 20th century, it challenged the biblical and mythological legends of Fine Art for artistic worthiness.

One of the most prominent Pop Art artists who’s work was profoundly inspired by advertising and comic book style is Lichtenstein. Bags Of Love give you the opportunity to make your plain digital photo into a funky Lichtenstein-style photo canvas with just a click! If you are looking for a way to update your home or you want to give someone a truly spectacular gift, this Lichtenstein-style Pop Art photo canvas is ideal.

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