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Puppy Love: Personalised Gifts

A brown puppy on two photo blocks

For pet lovers there is no end to the possibilities that is showing off your dear pets to friends and family. You could surprise a friend or family member with personalised gifts of their beloved pet. Maybe their 10-year old cat is like a family member or they just bought a new puppy that is the new star of the family? So why not really make them part of the family by putting them on framed photo prints, photo canvas, cushions or even wallpaper. Just like family photos, pets deserve to be part of the family snaps around the house and you make that happen by giving personalised gifts, using pet photos.

But if having the pets all over the house isn’t enough, you can also put pet photos on handbags and make-up bags so that their pet is always with them! You could give your husband a leather holdall for trips away, featuring a cute picture of the love of his life. His dog! Freddie the puppy, above, loves to pose so putting him on framed photo prints was a must for his owner! So grab the camera and capture playful moments of pets to give as personalised gifts that will be idolised by the pet owners!

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