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#SeeingTheBiggerPicture: The Stories Behind Your Photos

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We take more photos now than we ever have done before, thanks to smartphones, Instagram and Snapchat. But do you ever stop to think why?

What is in a photo? Why do we want to capture moments in time? When you get together with relatives you haven’t seen in a while, you’ll take a photo. Or if you’re celebrating an anniversary at a fancy restaurant, you’ll probably take a photo. It’s because we want to preserve memories. Stopping moments in time allows us to remember the small but significant events that occur every day.


Whilst at the time of taking it, your photo is simply a way to communicate what you’re up to. But over time, it becomes a portal into the past. The aromas, the weather, your emotions, the conversations, the sounds, the people – everything comes flooding back, taking you on a nostalgic journey back to poignant times.

At Bags of Love, we hear so many happy tales from our customers about how their photo gift made them laugh, smile or feel important. But we also receive heartbreaking stories about how a personalised photo gift brought comfort and joy during times of great distress or sadness. So, to honour the power of photos, we’ll be sharing inspiring stories on Facebook, demonstrating the impact and #SeeingTheBiggerPicture behind these gifts.

Rebecca’s Story

We recently got an order for a Mother’s Day Photo Gift Blanket, filled with smiling faces and loving quotes. Little did we know that Rebecca had designed this blanket for her terminally ill Mum to have wrapped around her in her final days. It brought her comfort and peace, which is some solace for such a difficult time.

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Rebecca told us;

“That blanket has never left her even now and we have decided that we are going to place the blanket over her coffin so that everyone at the funeral can see the happy memories that she would want people to remember her for.”

This is a testimony to the impact of a photo, and how something so simple can be so powerful. We’re happy to hear that the blanket helped during Rebecca’s mum’s final moments, and that she’ll always be surrounded by her loving family. 

Share Your Story

We’d love to hear about the bigger picture of your photo gifts and how they’ve helped in times of need or made a situation better. Get in touch on info@bagsoflove.co.uk or write to us on Facebook with your experiences.

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