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Give Photo Cubes On Christmas Day

Three different photo cubes with a christmas bells frame

Christmas gift ideas are everywhere now. Magazines and newspapers do spreads and supplements the weeks following up to Christmas guiding you through the Christmas gifts jungle. Shops and department stores tell you what to buy for your mum, dad, sister, brother or grandparents – and it normally involves spending a lot of money on fancy things! But when you really think about what Christmas means to you and your family it isn’t about expensive Christmas gift ideas such as gadgets, perfume or clothes. It’s about spending quality time with your loves ones. If you have moved away from home or trekked across the country to attend the University of your dreams you know how special Christmas with your family is.

Christmas is about being with your family in the present but it’s also about past memories. And the best way to treasure great memories is to personalise Christmas gifts with photos to give away on Christmas day. The soft six-sided photo cube is the perfect way to remember old photos! The cubes come in different sizes so you can choose one size you prefer or make several photo cubes to stack on top of each other. They are great for side tables and empty spaces in living rooms and they offer a creative way of displaying photos. They are soft and safe for everyone to touch – even for the kids to play with. The largest size photo cube (20″) can even be used to sit on! This means it can be used as an extra chair in the living room or for home exercise such as Yoga.

Basically, these photo cubes have many possibilities to be part of the rest of the household and there for they make great Christmas gift ideas for your family members. During the Christmas holidays you can use the cubes for socialising and remembering past times and you can continue doing so throughout the upcoming year. You could use six photos from six past Christmas celebrations so it can be used as a Christmas memorabilia each Christmas. It will look great under the tree next to the Christmas gifts or for someone to sit on when the gifts are opened! You could also make themed photo cubes. If your brother got married this year then using six images from the wedding day is ideal. Or a summer holiday with family can be the theme for a couple of photo cubes.


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