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Halloween Outfit Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Sign’s Evil Trait

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There’s 2 types of people in this world. Those that will decide whether or not to pursue a relationship based on zodiac compatibility (guilty) and those that just say ‘huh?’ when you ask them their sign. Whichever camp you fall into, Halloween outfit ideas based on your zodiac sign’s evil trait is a cool idea. If you’re an avid non-believer in the stars, this is the perfect ironic costume, and if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Mystic Meg, then you’ll be in your element.  

But let’s be honest, elaborate costumes are time consuming, costly and a nuisance after 10 minutes. Instead, I’ve come up with some Halloween outfit ideas influenced by each zodiac sign’s most ‘evil trait’, and then simplified it so it fits on a customised t-shirt. This simple but effective costume idea is perfect if you need something last minute and don’t want to wear a bin bag. If you’re feeling throwing an amazing party though, check out our Stranger Things inspired Halloween party post for more spooky inspiration.

How to Recreate these Halloween Outfit Ideas

There’s loads of blood font generators online to create creepy looking text, and instead of the blood splats you can print a mug shot style picture of yourself. Here’s the font generator that I used. Whether you want to copy these designs or use them for inspiration, just make sure you unleash your sign’s dark side this Halloween.

Disclaimer: all zodiac signs are amazing and this post is purely embellished for comedic value. 


Fight Me 

aries halloween outfit ideas

Aries, you love a challenge. Mental, physical, verbal; it doesn’t matter, as long as you win. You sniff out confrontation and charge towards it, horns ready to engage in battle. Even your friends have learnt to tip toe around you, mainly because they don’t want every conversation to turn into a heated debate. ‘Fight Me’ might sound like a threat, but it also serves as a warning to anybody thinking of crossing you.  


Bunny Boiler 

taurus halloween outfit ideas

You are possessive and jealous by nature, Taurus. This, combined with the stubbornness of the Bull means that when you like something or someone, you need to have it. Even if the feeling isn’t reciprocated, you’ll organise an intense pursuit until it’s in your hands. Cue all the Bunny Boiler behaviour – stalking, obsessive texting, plotting revenge. But I guess it can be justified as showing you care, right? 


Jekyll & Hyde 

gemini halloween outfit ideas

Gemini, you change your mind more frequently than your knickers. One moment you’re obsessed with something, the next minute it’s been discarded as carelessly as a used tissue. This includes people. You haven’t got so much as a split personality, It’s just that you’re a bit sly and sneaky. When you get bored, you keep up appearances to a person’s face but behind the scenes, you’re already finding your next victim.  


The Grudge 

cancer halloween outfit ideas

I genuinely think the film The Grudge was made after you, Cancer. The grudges you hold would put Kanye West to shame, as let’s be honest, he’s got a grudge against the whole world. Your emotions cook up imaginary stories where you’re always playing the victim. This leads you to believe everybody has done you wrong and deserve either the water works or the silent treatment. I think people prefer the latter. 


Mirror Mirror on the Wall 

leo halloween outfit ideas

Who is the vainest of them all? You are, Leo. You probably prefer to hang around with people of a plainer disposition than yourself in order to stand out and claim the attention from your reluctant audience. If the spotlight isn’t on you, then we’ll all know about it as you’ll throw your unnecessarily large and flamboyant jewellery out of the pram.  Why is this evil, you ask? Because you don’t mind shouting ‘off with their head!’ the second you are momentarily displeased.  


Dream Crusher 

virgo halloween outfit ideas

Oh Virgo, why so petty? You constantly nit-pick, complain and crave perfection in everything. Even friends and family feel privileged to receive some form of compliment from you. Monica Geller’s mother from Friends comes to mind; nothing is ever good enough, even though you’re not a walking example of perfection yourself (who is?). You’re willing to crush dreams and hurt people’s feelings because to you, it’s kinder to be cruel.  


Snake Charmer 

libra halloween outfit ideas

You have mastered the art of manipulation, Libra. Through your smiles, exaggerated compliments and embellishment of the truth, you’re able to charm your way into a situation like a snake and reap what you want from it. Your deceptively caring eyes and body language is like a method of hypnosis for you; getting everybody on your side so you can strike when it’s least expected.  


Black Widow 

scorpio halloween outfit ideas

Just like the scorpion, you’ve got a poisonous sting that you’re not afraid to use. People are drawn to your sexual allure and flirtatious nature, for you to just rip their heart out without so much as batting your eyelid. Your scathing sarcasm is used to identify the weak, and when you smell fear, you attack. Being a water sign, you’re full of emotions, but only because you eat people’s feelings for breakfast.  



sagittarius halloween outfit ideas

You’ll be the first to dish out an insult, due to your inability to filter thoughts, but when one is thrown back at you, it’s game over. There’s an air of self-righteousness about you, which is probably why you can’t bear the thought of opposing views. You’re fanatical about your beliefs, but don’t be surprised and get defensive when there’s a backlash from your brutal honesty.  


No Soul 

capricorn halloween outfit ideas

Oh dear, Capricorn. Your pessimistic outlook on life and overly cautious nature seem to have sucked the soul out of you. Everything is a job to you, and this work ethic is applied to areas of life that should be fun and free from restriction. It’s almost like you’re a robot, obeying commands from some other dimension that are investigating life on our planet.  



aquarius halloween outfit ideas

You might come across like a kooky free spirit who is all about peace, love and rock n’ roll, but inside you’re completely detached from feelings. Your friends and romantic partners are often used to being left hanging, ditched for someone you’ve just met and at the receiving end of your endless teasing. Caring for others is not in your nature, Aquarius, as you’re too busy trying to find the next cool person to feed off and hide behind.  


Delusions of Grandeur 

pisces halloween outfit ideas

To put it bluntly, you’re a whiny, manipulative daydreamer who refuses to believe that life isn’t precious and perfect. I’m a Pisces, I should know. The rose-tinted glasses we wear aren’t just projected at the world around us though; they also distort our self-perception. When the glasses are removed (by other people) our true selves are revealed and it’s hideous. So, we quickly put them back on and continue pretending that everyone wants to be us and wants to be with us.  

Now you’ve got the inspiration, it’s time to get creative and come up with your own Halloween outfit ideas. Click the banner below to design personalised Halloween gifts, clothing and more. 

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