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How to Make it up to your Girlfriend: 11 Ways to Get Out of the Doghouse

So, you’re in trouble. Maybe you know why, maybe not so much. All you know is that she is NOT very impressed with you right now! But how do you make it up to your girlfriend? How do you try and calm things down when all she wants is to fight you? Well, we’ve gathered some ideas about how to get yourself out of the doghouse and back in her good books.

How to make it up to your girlfriend

1. Tell her that she is right

I mean this seems like a simple one, but, if you’ve thought about it, and you know that actually you were the one in the wrong here, then say so. There is no shame in admitting you were wrong.

2. Give credit where it’s due

What about if you’ve thought about it and you don’t think she is right? Well, I am an advocate for honesty, so even if it makes me unpopular, don’t tell her she’s right if she isn’t. But the chances of her not raising any valid points at all are pretty slim – so that’s a good place to start.

3. Compliment her

A little flattery often goes a long way. As long as you don’t only ever say nice things to try and resolve an argument, then it’s a good time to start showering her with that praise!

4. Really, really compliment her

We know that when someone says “pay her a compliment” the first thing that’s gonna come to mind is “tell her she’s pretty”, but if you take a few more seconds before saying something, I can guarantee that you can come up with something better – and she’ll appreciate that.

5. Open up

Honestly, it sounds so simple, but tell her how you feel – and why. Let her in, and talk about what caused the argument in the first place. If it’s important to you, fix it – and you’re only going to do that if you let her know.

6. Cook her dinner

If she’s already mad at you, you don’t really want to add any hangry into the mix as well. Pull out all the stops, look up a new recipe or make her favourite meal.

7. Take her out

If cooking isn’t your thing, then take her out. You could even do both if you’re reeeaaallllyyyy in the doghouse. They say the best way to win over a guy is through his stomach – but y’know we get hungry too.

8. Remember it’s not a competition

It’s not about who wins or loses the argument, it’s about coming to a conclusion – preferably either the right one or one that’s a compromise which you’re both happy with, depending on the subject.

9. Take time to think about it

To think about all of it. There is no point in going in trying to talk it out if you’ve not really actually thought about it, that’s just going to result in more arguments which are never gonna help.

10. Apologise

And, you know, mean it. This is so important! Even if you think you were right, apologise for the fighting, apologise for a mean thing you said. Make sure she knows you don’t want to be fighting any more than she does.

11. Come to a conclusion

You don’t want to be fighting about the same things in six days, weeks or even months time. No matter what caused the argument, or how you make it up to your girlfriend, make sure that you resolve it. Properly.

Creatures of habit

We know that sometimes, guys can be creatures of habit. Every film, song, music video and TV programme out there has taught you that if you’re in trouble, get a gift, make it better. That’s literally how you have been conditioned to make it up to your girlfriend. So if you don’t want anything more than to follow this formula, then try something a little more personal. Don’t just petrol station flowers it but take your time, and make it special.

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