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5 Signs to Prove You Are a True Fan

EPL is back and while many may claim they are a true fan by showing off their personalised team jersey, a lot of these are the type of fan characterised by some as ‘bandwagoners’ and ‘pink hats.’ So what do you really need to prove your support for the team – remember the ‘Green Street Hooligans’, well it doesn’t have to be that violent.

personalised towel

 So here are 5 signs to prove you’re a true fan.

1.  It should go without saying that your room is filled entirely of your favourite football team merchandise from boxers to t-shirts, towels, socks, mugs, everything you can possible think off. You are your team from head to toe.

2. Season ticket holders – Not only you skip work to watch the matches but you also spend a great amount of your wages on season tickets.

3. Know the team songs BY HEART, just the way you know the national anthem. Know the name of every team player and the position they play at the back of your head.

4. Getting a permanent tattoo. A true fan without any hesitation will have his football team logo inked on his body and painted his face for matches.

5. You broke up with your girlfriend because she didn’t understand football or at the very least she didn’t let you watch it.

And if you’re planning to have a baby then why not name* your child after your favourite player – WOAH!! (*Name at Your Own Risk).

So are you a TRUE fan?

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