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Gift Ideas For Mum And Dad: This Is Your Life Story Books

Look back on the years and celebrate the memories with a “ This is your life” photo book ideas or album. These are ideal gift ideas to celebrate occasions like a special anniversary or birthday. The book or albums are a great way to conjure up good times and remember all those special moments and achievements.

Useful gift ideas too if you need to give landmark gifts like 40th birthday, 60th birthday or 25th anniversary gift. There has also been an increase in the number of 18th birthday presents taking this form – from birth to 18 is now the coming of age. “This is your life” photo book ideas filled with pictures from their youth make excellent gift ideas for mum and gift ideas for dad.

Not just gift ideas for mum and dad, a celebration one of these gift ideas would be perfect for is a leaving party as a monumental leaving present. Many companies and their staff like to present worthy staffers or retiring staffers or just leavers with a memorable gift and this has got to be an ideal choice as it’s tailored to the person’s contributions and good times.

You can make the book in the form of an album where you insert photos and cuttings or you can have it made as a photo book – where the pages are printed with your photos and bound into the personalised book. The ‘Your life album’ can be filled with wonderful and timeless photographs, ideal to take everyone back to a special time and a wonderful gift too.



  • I am looking for a this is your life book for my grandad who is turning 80. I want a book that photos can be printed on and I can add some writing. is this something you do. also need prices thanks

    • Hi Karri,

      Yes, this is something we do! Here are the sizes and respective prices:

      Medium Album
      23x32cm like A4 (up to 8×6″ photos)
      60 sides with tissue parchment interleaves
      Portrait shape
      + £4.85 p&p

      Large Album
      35x35cm (up to 10×8″ photos)
      100 sides with tissue parchment interleaves
      Square shape
      + £8.85 p&p

      I hope this helps! Please check out this link (http://www.bagsoflove.co.uk/books/your-life-book.aspx) for more information.


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