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Gift Ideas For Girlfriend: The Bag Of Love

Pieces of a jigsaw next to a purple pouch with text on it

Our jigsaw puzzles are great gifts for all kinds of occasions. They make great gift ideas for leaving gifts, Christmas gifts or Valentine’s Day gifts. Our standard jigsaw puzzles comes in a stylish silver tin but this heart shaped jigsaw puzzle comes in a lovely soft pouch bag, something we like to call The Bag of Love. Have the pouch and jigsaw puzzle customised the way you want it. This isn’t just for Valentine’s Day – it can be given to someone special all year round!

If you are looking for gift ideas for girlfriend, to perhaps make up for those times you’ve forgot to call her when you promised you would or to simply show her how much she means to you. Choose a photo and add a personal message which she finds out once she’s completed the heart shaped puzzle. It might not be her birthday but why not get her gorgeous gift ideas anyway and surprise her on a boring Wednesday evening. She will be amazed and love you more than ever!

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