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Come on England – show us your personalised washbags

Don’t let your hopes and dreams about winning the Cup wash away – keep them all safe in your personalised washbag from Bags of Love with your own pictures!

Stay close to your beloved ones – wherever you are

England is playing Italy in the Euro 2012 quarter – final this Sunday, and the expectations are high. They always are or at least they should be so every fan can show their team the best support. Where else can a football player get support from? What would you say?
Well, we can only assume that the most important thing (apart from football that is) is their families and of course the support they get from them.
Even though they can’t follow you onto the pitch and in the changing rooms in person there is a clever way to keep them by your side. Have you seen these images of our players?
Is anything catching your eye? Yes, well spotted, they all hold tight to their personalised wash bags from Bags of Love, beautifully printed with their favourite images of their children. Isn’t that a great way to stay close to your beloved ones, wherever you are?

footballers with washbag from bagsoflove

“It’s important we believe in ourselves – we have a great group of players here and we are confident. That’s the main thing. We are all working together. Italy is not going to be an easy game but we have the players, the belief and the togetherness to do a job on them.” Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is well aware of the match not being an easy one but as he said, it is important that they will be showing strong togetherness. Together not only as a team on the pitch, but by being together with their families to give them strength and the will to win by having their beloved ones close to them on their own wash bags as well.

England celebrates their win in the Euro 2012


Did you know that the two nations have played each other 22 times?
9 wins for Italy, 7 for England and 6 draws – but never before have they been in the position to eliminate each other in a knockout round in a major tournament… so it is surely going to be an exciting match – we have our fingers crossed for England!

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