Designer Interview – Sanna Friedner

designer interview sanna friedner

Our next designer interview is with the overall winner of our dress design competition!

Her design was voted the best by the judging panel, so we can’t wait to introduce you to Sanna Friedner.

Bags of Love: Hi Sanna and congratulations on being the Bags of Love overall winner! Can you tell us a bit about your winning design? mixed handbag prize

Sanna: Thank you! My design is one of my own paintings. I paint a lot on canvas and mixed media. She is called Queen of Everything and she is part of my affirmation series of paintings. The majority of my paintings have some kind of positive message, and how lovely to be able to wear a dress with this kind of message!

Bags of Love: What is the inspiration behind your design? Is there a story, which accompanies it? Queenofeverythingdress

Sanna: The Queen of Everything is a strong woman and I think many of us are stronger than we think. I create my art to feel happy and to see things in a positive light. My work as a preschool teacher gives me a lot inspiration, especially when the children and I create art together. I love strong, vivid colours and I love how things sometimes never turn out how you think they will – both with my art and my student’s art. Butterfly dress prize

Bags of Love: Do you have a website or an etsy store, which we can tell our readers about?

Sanna: I have a blog: but I mostly write on my Facebook page:

Bags of Love: What do you plan to do with your prizes?

Sanna: I am going to wear my lovely dress and use the gift vouchers to create 2 bags with my designs and another dress. I can’t wait to wear them.

Bags of Love: How would you describe your style of design?

Sanna: Mixed media artsy 🙂 Butterfly handbag prize

Bags of Love: If you could design any product on the Bags of Love website, what would it be and how would you design it?

Sanna: I would design more dresses, personalised handbags, scarves and leggings with the girls from my paintings!

Bags of Love: What product would you love to see on the Bags of Love website (if it doesn’t already exist)?

Sanna: I think you have a lot of really cool personalised products already, but maybe a long tank top for women, also a personalised jacket, skirt and a custom printed dress with short sleeves.

Thanks so much Sanna, we loved your design and you look fabulous in your dresses and bags!

We have a couple more designer interviews to share with you, so make sure you stay tuned!

Bags of Love x 

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