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Wedding Gift Vouchers From Bags Of Love

Our wedding gift vouchers can be spent in transforming the photos of their big day into a wide variety of photo gifts formats. There is so much to choose from, including over a dozen different styles of photo bags, or perhaps a personalised guest book from the reception with the favourite shots on the back and cover. Photo gifts vouchers mean that the bride and groom have exciting things to do after the wedding, transforming the photos of their day into a variety of home décor, wall art and more!

Wedding gift vouchers are the new, unique and thoughtful way to give a gift. They work just like a gift certificate but with more personality, because our vouchers are spent to print the photos of the day into a variety of these different products which we offer. The photo voucher guarantees that your gift will be long remembered and appreciated.

Don’t want to confine your photos to a wedding album? Try a photo book! Or if you want both, we offer that too.

That place over the fireplace may have just been waiting for their favourite wedding photos on canvas, now on durable and professionally produced photo canvas delivered quickly to your door. Or perhaps for the more die hard commemorators, a personalised photo blanket to keep them warm in front of it!

The wedding gift idea is choice, because with every format and option, there are dozens of different shapes, styles and sizes that fit every individual. This is a gift that will let their favourite day last a bit longer. So if you want something personable that has plenty of flexibility, why not try a photo voucher?

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