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DIY: How To Make A Cushion Cover

We love to know what our customers make using our fabrics, and when sent a picture of Clare Byfield’s awesome cushions we just had to write a blog post on them. We are passionate about handmade products so it’s great to see our customers getting the DIY bug and designing and making their own creations. With our fabric printing service you are only limited by your imagination! Clare made her cushions with our Suede Vision fabric, which is perfect for this application.

photo cushion

These wonderful vintage inspired cushions will add a statement and a touch of style to any room. One of the perks of making your own cushions is that you can make them any size or shape you like, which is great if you need to fill a space. It’s really easy to make your own cushions, here’s how:

Guide to making a square or rectangle cushion cover with a zip

1) Cut your printed fabric leaving extra material for the hem and also allowing for the plumping up of the cushion. If you would like a 40 x 40cm cushion, cut your fabric into two 48 x 48cm squares.

2) Pin a hem of about 1cm along one side of each of the fabric cut outs (this will be used to attach to the zip).

3) Sew the hems in place with a machine, then fold both hems over once more and machine again to create a double hem.

4)  Open the zip and pin to both sides of the double leaving about 3mm of fabric above the teeth of the zip (which will hide the zip when closed).  Sew the zip in place.

5)  Fold the fabric pieces together so that the printed sides are touching and the cover appears inside out.

6)  Pin the other sides of the cushion cover and sew about 3cm in from the three edges (maintain the shape you are wanting to create).

7)  Trim off excess fabric and turn inside out.

Get exactly the print you want with Bags of Love, there is no need to trawl the shops and end up choosing the best of the bunch. Also when making your own cushions you will have much more variety when it comes to fabrics to choose from compared to pre-made cushions. So, showcase your creative talents with homemade cushions and reap in the compliments from friends and family!

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