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Photo Canvas Printing Advice

Once you’ve decided to buy a photo canvas you should consider the following:

1. Is the attention to detail provided by an in-house studio, with blemish and red-eye removal free of charge?

2. Print quality – is the photo canvas printing of high standard?

3. The materials and skills used to make the print into the finished piece. Is the photo canvas as tight as a drum?

4. Will the service you receive and turnaround time be helpful and effective?

Many companies providing photo canvases use poor print technology and materials that can allow the canvas to damage easily. Tearing due to paper based canvas, poor ink jet print quality allowing scuffs to damage the ink surface, loose fitting, cracking prints are the usual pitfalls. And then they take two weeks to send it to you.

You will get perfect likeness in print quality, long lasting.

You cannot tear our canvas as it’s real woven fabric.

You cannot scuff our canvas as print penetrates deep into yarn.

It will be stretched as tight as a drum.

Our print does not crack on edge of frame.

We offer Next Day Delivery.

And, because we use the original ‘wedge’ method you can maintain a tight stretch of your canvas over the years by tapping the corner wedges if needs be. That is the correct way to keep the canvas firm! Many companies have removed the wedge (or don’t even know about it) from their production to reduce their costs meaning canvas is not tight as a drum. We wedge all our canvasses. Wedges are vital! Our service to our customers is simple and straightforward – we listen to you, we follow instructions, we raise concerns, we meet your expectations and we are easy to talk to.

Most suppliers offer ink jet prints that will crack on the corners. We sue dye sublimation and print photos on canvas (real woven heavy 500gsm fabric) using fibre deep printing with dye sublimation. This means the ink fuses deep into the canvas and is impossible to crack. Ink jet print means ink spray lands on the surface of the plastic material. It cannot be stretched because it dries firm. So make sure you do not order ink jet photo canvases if you want to avoid many pitfalls like t he cracking edges.

Blue canvas with cracked sides

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