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Photo Book Gift Ideas

Wedding photos in an open photo book

You can be as creative as you wish with our stunning photo book. There are endless possibilities for gift ideas for everyone with our photo books. The photo book itself is just filled with empty pages (excellent quality pages!) until you create the idea and personalise it with images and text. Photo book gift ideas are ideal for Christmas. Take a look at some of our suggestions below:

Project Book – If you have just finished a project like gardening, building a house or setting up a business you could document the progress of the project by putting photos in a photo book.

Portfolio – For working photographers, graphic designers, architects, fashion designs and illustrators this is a great way to keep your jobs looking professional and organised to increase future job possibilities.

Poetry Book– If you enjoy writing poems you can create poem books with your text and images.

Graduation Book – “From boy to man” your son’s development from a school boy to a University graduate can be beautifully displayed in a photo book.

Baby Book – Document your baby’s first years so that you can remember the baby days forever! Great photo book gift ideas for parents.

Wedding Book – Putting photos from someone’s wedding day in a photo book is perfect for anniversaries.

Recipe Book – If your friends think you are a great chef then collect your best recipes and add pictures of you cooking the dishes. These make ideal photo book gift ideas for Christmas.

Travel Book – One great vacation this summer or several journey’s around the world can be remembered in a photo book.

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