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Make A Wedding Guestbook Using Digital Photos

Two open guestbooks displaying text and photos

A great way to remember and celebrate your past wedding day is to create a guestbook. And our guestbooks aren’t just any guestbooks because they can be personalised totally after your demands. The inside pages of the book can have any layout you want and the front and back can be covered in your digital photos from the wedding day. When friends pop around the house get them to write down their experience of the special day and let them wish you a happy marriage.

This is also a great anniversary gift for married couples, in particularly good for 1st anniversary gifts as it is tradition to give paper gifts on 1st anniversaries. Choose some great digital photos you took on the day and then let the guests fill the inside pages. Hopefully the guests will still remember the day (the amount of champagne they had on the day could potentially determine this) and you can send the book around to guests and get them to write up a bit of text in the guestbook. This will prove to the married couple that you have put in a great effort into these anniversary gifts.

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