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Are you prepared for the special day when you will give someone you know and love a gift? Most people haven’t got a clue what to buy as birthday gifts for elderly people. The reasons are simple:

1. We don’t think about what people like or don’t like (thinking takes time!).

2. We simply don’t buy with the verve and passion that we should.

3. We think that they won’t like interesting, unique, or radical things.

And what happens is that we run from one idea to the next, and we’re in a bad mood because we haven’t got much time left until the big day. This is predominantly because we haven’t looked into the likes and dislikes of the elderly person.

How To Choose Unique Gifts For Elderly People

One day a friend asked me: ‘What is your dad interested in, what does he like to do?’ And my answer was: ‘To be honest, I just don’t know!’ If, hand on heart, you can say that you would have given a similar response, you’d better keep reading.

Want to know why it’s so difficult to buy presents? We’ve got to admit that after two or three birthdays in quick succession the first thing that goes through our minds is: ‘O no… I’ve got to go out and buy yet another gift!’

What do you think is lacking here? The same two reasons that we outlined above: time and passion.

What can we do in order to discover the passion and the time required that is frequently so hard to come by? In other words, how can we solve the problem?

A change of mentalityBanksy canvas prints of children on wall

This is the trick. The thinking that goes in to the process of gift buying tells you that your time is precious and that you can’t spend long on deciding a special gift. However, this thinking also tells you, paradoxically, that you must spend every single waking moment thinking about the gift. Too much worrying is bad because you will never be able to decide on the perfect present. The truth is that it’s a case of dedicating time to yourself: relaxing a little and thinking about how to delight the ones you know and love and making a beautiful gesture by giving them a stunning gift. When thinking of ideas, don’t assume that the elderly will only like things that are quite simple – lots of grandpas and grandmas love cool, creative gifts in just the same way that a child or teenager would! For example, Banksy canvas prints with photos of a granddad sitting with his granddaughter could be the most special present he ever received.

What we would recommend to you

1. Go into the kitchen and make your favourite drink (tea, coffe, hot chocolate, juice…)

2. Go over to your bedroom and have a sit down.

3. Get a notepad and leave your mobile on silent (you want to be in your own little world where your creative ideas will multiply)

4. If possible, put on some calming background music.

That’s all. Once seated, close your eyes and relax for a moment. Then, let your inspiration come to you. Jot down all of your ideas, grouped in the categories that your luck recipient would like. The key to this is that you write down any ideas (things that the person likes, a new activity he or she has just got involved in, a recent trip they undertook to somewhere or other).

How To Select Your Photo Gifts

Try to come up with gift ideas within the categories that you have noted down. Log on to our site and search for the most appropriate photo gifts within those frontiers that you have just created. If you can’t find the exact gift that you think might be great for them, use our search bar at the top right hand corner of the page. Simply start typing in the designated area and the page will automagically come back with a selection of gifts whose names contain the letters you are typing. Cool, huh? If you are not of the same age as the person for whom you are buying, make sure that you consider not only what you like but also what a person of that age would like. Try putting yourself in their shoes to get some cool ideas! A bit of thought now will make a gift to last a lifetime – and longer. What we are doing here is immortalising memories – this is not a task to be taken lightly!Photo Book Christmas Delivery book with grandma and grandchildren

How to triumph with your gift ideas

Follow these simple steps:

1. Write down the name of the recipient.
2. Then think of the very first memory you shared with that person (it might be from a day out, a holiday somewhere interesting, or simply a gorgeous moment at home). This memory is very important, so think hard about the time that is unforgettable even now.
3. Enjoy that memory for a moment.
4. Use the joy and laughter contained within that memory to come up with a creative photo or design idea that you can use for your fabulous photo gifts.
5. You might just have thought of the perfect gift.

With around 200 separate gift ideas – and many, many more on their way – at Bags of Love you are likely to find a special gift for that special person who means so much to you. Customise the gift and its specifications to the lucky recipient and give them something they will never forget – because it has brought and will continue to bring back memories of that beautiful moment that took your breath away.

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  • Great suggestions!!! I would love to follow your ideas. These are awesome and they seem to make positive results. I would really keep this in mind in preparing gifts for the holidays! Thanks!

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