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St John’s College of the University of Durham decided to give their 2010 graduate students personalised gifts. The picture on the personalised coasters is of St John’s main building, Haughton House where first year students enter the University for the first time when they join.

The purpose of the coasters is as a Well done and Goodbye present to their graduates of this year . The students will be given them in late June, as the students attend their graduation ceremony in Durham Cathedral. The alumni also put a little label on the back with their e-mail and contact number so that the students can keep in touch with them too.

What great gift ideas! I’ts a perfect way to give the students a memory of their time with the College. The personalised label at the back of the coasters with the College details is a brilliant feature. These are great gift ideas from your photos to say goodbye, well done or thank you to students or colleagues.

Four coasters with building entrance printed on them

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