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A New Royal Baby!

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Well, who would have thought it eh? A new Royal baby!

We wanted to wish a huge congratulations to Kate, Wills and baby George and wish them all the best for their impending arrival of Royal cuteness!

Now that the pregnancy has been announced, the betting has already started. Will it be a boy or a girl? Will it look like Kate or Will’s? Will it arrive by its due date? What colour hair will the baby have? You get the idea! Our favourite bet is, what will the baby’s name be? Already guesses are flying in with hot favourites making an early appearance.

Baby name gifts are one of our favourite products here at Bags of Love. There is nothing more exciting than getting the news that your friend/sister/cousin etc has just had their baby, and the name being announced to the world! Once the baby has been named, we’re always left with the challenge of finding the perfect baby name gift. Luckily, we’re sort of experts when it comes to unique new baby gifts at Bags of Love, so let us introduce you to some of our favourite gift ideas.

Baby Sleeping Bag baby-blue-sleeping-bag-personalised

A snuggly grow bag is the perfect choice for a new baby gift and our Personalised Baby Sleeping Bag means you can customise it especially for the recipient. Simply send upload the baby’s name during the online design process, and we will print it beautifully all over our handmade baby sleeping bag. Choose your colour and size, and baby will soon be cuddling up in their very own customised grow bag.

 Personalised Baby Name Blanket baby-name-pink-blanket

Wrap up your baby in our beautiful, handmade Personalised Baby Blanket. This gorgeous, soft blanket can be customised to show off baby’s name proudly. Made from a cosy thick fleece, this personalised baby name blanket is perfect for cots, swaddling and cuddling. A unique and necessary baby name gift!

Personalised Baby Comfort Blanket personalised-baby-comfort-blankets-sweet-dreams

Our beautiful handmade Personalised Comfort Blanket makes a wonderful gift for a new baby. Customise our comfort blanket by choosing one of 3 designs and 3 colours and make sure you add baby’s name and date of birth to make it even more special! Every little one will love cuddling up with their very own personalised blankie.

Customised Buggy Cosy Toes buggy-bag-of-love-pink-text-pram

Our Bags of Love Buggy Bag is an adorable gift and perfect for the soon to be cold weather! Make your baby’s buggy bag personalised by adding their name – so everyone knows who it belongs to! Choose from pink or blue and the soft and cosy double layered fleece will ensure they are kept warm and comfortable.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about some of our favourite baby name gifts! If you would like to browse all of our baby gifts, click here and we’ll whizz you over! And if you have any guesses as to what the new Royal baby name will be, leave them in the comments below!

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  • A big congratulations to the Royal family for having this new blessing in their life! And oh, these gifts that you shared are amazing and I believe that they are a must have! They all look nice and I love that Personalized Baby Comfort Blanket. This is such a perfect gift for an expectant friend!

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