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Design Trends: When Politics Meets Fashion 

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As we saw with the Hairy Leggings & Swimsuit uproar, there are some dark corners of the fashion world that are far from pretty. And unfortunately, it’s only going to get uglier. Sorry.  

I recently came across some very disturbing beachwear emblazoned with Donald’s Trump’s face, complete with open mouth and 3 sets of double chins resembling a wrinkly nether region. Pass the bucket, am I right? 

Aside from the obvious repulsion, it did inspire me to think about our own politicians this side of the pond. With the revelation of Theresa May’s ‘criminal’ behaviour running through fields of wheat and Corbyn’s hip-to-the-hop appearance at Glastonbury, the British politics scene is lit, as the kids would say. (Jezza knows…) 

Politicians or Fashion Icons?

Not only are political leaders in the spotlight more than ever before, they’ve become celebrities in their own right; almost caricatures of themselves. To live in a society where it’s totally okay to make a mockery of these social media using, bacon sandwich eating, crowd surfing kooks without persecution, I say we do it.  

So, here’s our own manifesto of inspiration if you’re looking to wear something a little less ‘conservative’ this year. Hehe.  

Theresa May’s Diamond ‘Austerity’ Shoes & Naughtiest Dress
Theresa May diamond espadrilles

When the Prime Minister revealed there wasn’t a magic money tree, I couldn’t help but think of her diamond-encrusted shoes and wonder what regular tree paid for them. It seems waiting 8 years for a pay rise doesn’t come close in regards to the needs of Theresa May’s feet. Strut your stuff in a pair of espadrilles that pay homage to the Prime Minister’s  fancy footwear that us regular folk can’t afford. 

Theresa May field of wheat dress

Oh, if only my youth was as raucous! Can you imagine the adrenaline? The buzz? The sheer release of childhood angst? Running through fields of wheat might sound innocent, but I bet it’s totally savage when you’re there. This has got potential to be the meme of the century, so why not wear it as a salute to the hilarious internet on which it was conceived?


Nicola Sturgeon’s Foxy Red Number 

Nicola Sturgeon red dress

Nicola Sturgeon’s favourite red dress has seen more action than most of us; twice in one week, can you imagine?! Featuring disciplined tailoring and smart shoulders, this is a dress that doesn’t take any prisoners. If you’re a strong, independent woman who ‘don’t need no man’, be inspired by Scotland’s First Minister. 


Boris Johnson’s Important Policies

Boris Johnson cake policy tshirt

Love or loathe him, you can’t deny the comedy gold that Boris Johnson brings to the forefront of UK politics. His way with words is something we can all aspire to, and I think some of the corkers make a neat alternative to the political ‘slogan tee’. Pick your favourite Boris Blunder and print it onto our custom t-shirts. Obviously when I asked around the office, his policy on cake was a winner. 


Donald Trump’s Botched Tie & Manly Attire

Donald Trump rainbow tie

How could I do a post like this and not include the notorious Donald Trump? I couldn’t. It turns out, the US president likes to stick down the back of his tie using ordinary tape, which is actually not an ordinary or normal thing to do. So, in light of his recent transgender military ban, I thought it only right that we give his tape a rainbow inspired revamp. Stand in solidarity with your fellow humans and protest against this clown with sa-tie-rical ties.  

Donald Trump rainbow tshirt

Okay I needed to do two Trumps (don’t deny your love of toilet humour). How awesome would it be if gigantic, flamboyant, camp as Christmas rainbows attacked Donald Trump, causing him to trip on his ridiculously long tie that is quite clearly compensating for other, smaller things. It would be very awesome. Design a similar tee and relish in the thought of Trump’s demise.

Want to make a political statement but also keep the peace? Design your own hilarious fashion inspired by the ones who are in charge. You can either laugh or cry, and we’re all for the former. Click the button below to start browsing!

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