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3rd Anniversary Gifts

Leather is the 3rd anniversary year.  Leather is sturdy, dependable and flexible and it offers a sense of protection. These are things needed to make a marriage continue to grow after three years. These bags below are great 3rd anniversary gifts. Shopping for wedding anniversary gifts has never been so easy with stylish personalised leather goods from Bags of Love.

Leather Handbag: give your wife a photo handbag made from soft Italian leather with fabulous details for your 3rd anniversary. Add a picture with the two of you from the special day or perhaps a snap from your honeymoon.

Leather Make-up bag: customise this good size make-up bag for your wife and she’ll love you forever!

Leather Holdalls: for men and women, perfect for weekend trips away or hectic everyday life.

Leather Wash Bags: practical travel companions for him and her, a perfect matching gift set to give to a husband and wife on their 3rd anniversary.

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