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Your Photo – Your Story: Welcome Gifts for a Daughter’s Return

Personal Gifts from Personal Stories

After months of traveling, a daughter returns home with incredible memories from new experiences.  A big surprise awaits her at home – a personalised photo gift that is both thoughtful and significant.  Her favourite picture from her adventures preserved and displayed on a comforting blanket; a lovely gift from a mother to her daughter.

personalised photo welcome gift
Almost every parent can empathize with this situation – your child forging their independence and place in the world.  Striving for personal growth and separation is natural and healthy, and you rejoice in their development and upcoming experiences.  Yet, you love and miss them; writing and calling to make sure they are happy, healthy, and safe.  When they return home it is a big moment for both parent and child alike.
To mark the moment of their return with an uplifting gift, why not give a personalised photo present? Everyone likes to be welcomed home – why not remind them of the fun they have had with relevant gift? This is exactly what a mother did for her daughter returning home from working at a stable in New Zealand.  She had the daughter’s favourite photograph for her trip waiting at home on her bed, printed onto a luxurious double-layered fleece blanket – a significant and lasting memento of her year spent abroad.

personalised photo blanet
Welcome gifts that come from the heart, and reflect the joy of past memories, are always graciously received.  Thank you to the family for sharing their story, and letting me show their beautiful personalised gift with our readers! I hope to share more personalised photo gift stories and ideas with you very soon.  Design your own personlised photo blanket by clicking on the images above.  We also offer a variety of personalised photo items that make brilliant gifts – please visit our website:  https://www.bagsoflove.co.uk/

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