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Wedding Journals For 1st Anniversary Gifts

A bride on her wedding day on a journal book

As the tradition is to give paper gifts as 1st anniversary gifts, giving the couple a personalised journal is ideal. This stunning personalised journal is printed in satin back and front and it has luxurious Ivory paper inside. You can personalise the journal with a photo from the wedding day on the front. The journal is perfect to give blank for the couple to write down thoughts about their first year as husband and wife. It can be a sort of marriage journal where they share ups and downs of married life. Years later, they can go back and look in this marriage journal to see how their marriage has grown.

Another idea as 1st anniversary gifts is to get all the couples friends to write something in the personalised journal about the wedding that took place a year ago or just how they feel about the couple, wishing them all the best luck for the future. Personal messages from friends and family that shared that special day with them will be truly appreciated and it will take them back to the day when they came together as man and wife. The personalised journal is so stunning in itself that it makes a perfect accessory for the coffee table in the living room where guests can admire it.

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