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Personalised Cushion as Wedding Gifts

Two girls on a cushion

A personalised cushion with your most precious wedding photo

I am sure that you have that one special picture from your wedding day – the one both of you treasure as THE wedding photo. How great would it be to transform this very special image into a cuddly and caressible personalised cushion?

Photo gifts from your best photos

Although your lively wedding party has been and gone, the memories of those amusing and romantic moments will still reverberate long after the event.Your wedding was like something out of a dream; not only have all the guests said this, but also you yourself felt the magical atmosphere everywhere. Now you wait impatiently for the wedding photos of the photographer. You have already seen a few good snapshots made by friends and family, but since the photographer’s photos are always something quite special you are pretty excited to see them! In particular, you can’t wait to see the perfect shot you want to transform into personalised cushions.

Unusual wedding anniversary gifts from these photos

A few weeks later you are finally able to hold them in your hands: Your wedding photos. Tensely you look through the wonderful photos and are utterly delighted. There are classy and wonderful pictures, but also magnificent and merry snapshots which capture and illustrate the atmosphere of the wedding completely. However, there is one single photo that immediately catches your eye – the one that would look spectacular on personalised cushions. It depicts both of you hand in hand in the focus, the soft and blurry background filled with a large number of your guests… a relaxed and calm mood… one can almost sense the enveloping love and affection…

A personalised photo cushion from your favourite photo

Print this photo onto a personalised cushion and then give this cushion a special place on your sofa either in the living room or your bedroom. Moreover, there are various options for the creation of the personalised cushions. Besides the regular print of a single photo in colour you are even able to change the photo into a black & white print, in sepia or also in black /white with a colour splash. If you wish you can even have another photo or a photo montage on the other side of the personalised cushions.

Design some incredibly special wedding anniversary gifts from your best wedding photos.

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