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Assorted photo gifts with a love heart frame

Christmas has undoubtedly past and the first gift giving occasion after Christmas which you will need gift ideas for is the day of love – Valentine’s Day. The celebrations of Valentine’s Day, or Saint Valentine’s Day, are dedicated for lovers to celebrate their love by giving gifts. Naturally this is a popular occasion for couple’s in love but it is also a great day to tell friends and family how much you love them. Giving or sending  Valentine ’s Day greeting cards on this day of love is common but so is giving romantic gifts to your partner.

Jewellery, flowers and chocolates are standard Valentine ’s Day gifts to give to your wife or girlfriend. More original gift ideas for Valentine’s day can be found right here with Bags of Love. After all it’s in our name, Love! And love is what Valentine’s Day is all about. So wouldn’t it be wise to get Valentine ’s Day gifts from someone who actually has the word love in the name of their company? It’s a safe bet! Our gift ideas are made with love and will be loved by the receiver.

The love starts when you take the time to personalise gift ideas for your loved ones. This proves that you haven’t just grabbed any box of chocolates in the supermarket on your way home from work; personalised Valentine’s day gifts proves you took the time to create a love gift. Here are some excellent gift ideas for Valentine’s day if you really want to give loving gifts this upcoming February 14th:

Placemats –This home gift will brighten up any kitchen table in a flash! Romantic photos of you and your spouse will look stunning on placemats. They are great for the kitchen table where you have breakfast or the dining room table where you entertain. You can also create matching or slightly different coasters to go with the placemats.

Photo Blanket – This is a super soft and super cuddable blanket which you can personalise using one or several photos. Choose from three sizes suitable for the living room or bedroom. A blanket with a photo montage will display your love in a fabulous way – photo memories on a photo blanket will make time in front of the TV cuddling extra special.

Photo Cube – Display your love on six sides with these sensational foam photo cubes; call it a piece of love art! Holiday photos on these high quality photo cubes available in different sizes are ideal as Valentine’s day gifts. The smaller cubes are great for a desk or on shelves and the larger ones can be places on the floor of a living room or bedroom.

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