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11 Things Not To Do In Your Maid Of Honour Speech Unless You Want To Kill Your Friendship With The Bride

11 Things not to do in your Maid of Honour Speech unless you want to kill your friendship with the bride

With wedding season slowly becoming a thing of the past, we are receiving surprise save the dates for all times of the year. If you’ve been asked to be part of the bridal party, then things are heating up a little. Not only must we hunt high and low for the perfect plus one. We’ve got to get our thinking caps on and working on those great speeches.

If you want the bride to ever talk to you again, post-big-day, we have some things you might just want to avoid. Check out these top tips for your maid of honour speech.

What Not to Do

1. The Passive-Aggressive Diss

No matter how much of a nightmare she’s been, for the sake of all that is good – DON’T SAY IT.

2. The Bad Joke

We all love a terrible joke here and there, but with a mic as you watch your closest friend get married is not the time.

3. The Drunken Stumble

Sometimes, a little Dutch courage does us some good, but pleeeassseeeee know your limits.

4. The Name Mocking

Doesn’t matter if it’s your bestie, or her new hubby, no matter how funny/silly/otherwise you find the name, keep it to yourself.

5. The Name Forgetting

Just as bad as number four, don’t forget any names either, write them on your hand if you must – you know, discreetly.

6. The Show Steal

Remember that this is someone else’s big day, don’t be that guy and upstage the bride, or the groom, or anyone really.

7. The Self-Focus

Don’t talk about yourself. A lowkey version of number six, but really, the guests want to know how the bride and groom met, not how you met each of them.

8. The Confession

I know that’s how they do it in the movies, but do not admit your undying love – for either party really, trust us, it won’t be appreciated.

9. The Dirty Little Secret

This should go without saying; but regardless of how true it may or may not be, never admit to sleeping with the groom. Even if the bride already knows. No matter how long ago it was.

10. The I-Shouldn’t-Say-This-But

If someone has told you something in confidence, it does not belong in your maid of honour speech. No matter where you got the info from.

11. The Blunt Truth

Do not disapprove – even if you do. I mean regardless of your thoughts, it’s a little late now. Either you should maybe have mentioned it before now, or she really doesn’t agree with you.

So, hopefully, you have your maid of honour speech all sorted – with no colossal blunders. Now it’s just time to sort out the gift.

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