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Diamond Jubilee Gifts for women

Create unique Gifts for women with your photos

Yes, women do not only need gifts for their Birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, we also love to be surprised with even more gifts for women all around the year.
We do love surprises and gifts, especially when they are unique and creative. Gifts for women, created with photos, personal messages and even own designs are just perfect and will always be a wonderful surprise for any occasion.
Today is a very important day for the UK and especially Queen Elizabeth II. – it’s her Diamond Jubilee today, she is celebrating 60 years on the throne today.
So what could  perfect gifts for women be for a very special occasion like this?
A cuddly blanket or photo cushions with favourite images of dogs or other beloved animals? Photo cushions with images from now and then of the women herself? Some stylish and modern  acrylic photo blocks with a variation of pictures from the last years?
No matter which gift you choose, creating unique personalised gifts for women with your photos couldn’t be easier.

photo cushions with image of queen elizabeth II. and ballons with union jack

Gifts for Diamond Jubilee and other occasions

I can imagine that photo cushions with favourite pictures will be just the right gifts.
As they are easy to create, just upload your image or images for designing a photo montage, choose the size of the cushion and then proceed with the order. Order before 2pm and we can dispatch the same day! But since obviously not everyone is having Diamond Jubilees this year, you can create some gifts for women for any other occasion too.
As a lovely Birthday surprise, as unique Valentine’s Day Gifts or, as already mentioned something women really love, just a special surprise without the need of an occasion!

We from Bags of Love are happy to say our congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II.  – and are looking forward to the planned celebrations in June… it surely is going to be an interesting summer full of celebrations and gifts for women in London!

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